Today: 25 September 2018
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Polls say Anastasiadis may again become president of Cyprus

Polls say Anastasiadis may again become president of Cyprus

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The President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis and the head of the Democratic Party of Cyprus (Diko) Nicolas Papadopoulos are the favorites of the presidential election, which will take place at the beginning of 2018 in Cyprus.

According to a survey conducted by the analytical company Prime Market Research and Consulting, if the election were to take place now, in the first round 31,7% of those polled would vote for the current president of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis. 23,1% of respondents would give their votes to Nicholas Papadopoulos. Stavros Malas from ACEL received 17% of potential votes. Yorgos Lillikas (Civil Alliance) - 5,1%.

The favorite pairs of the second round of elections look different: 42% - for Anastasiadis-Malas pair, 37% - for Anastassiadis-Papadopoulos.

In the second round, the most serious opponent of Anastasiadis will be Papadopoulos, the respondents say. The difference between the two candidates is only 8% (39% for Anastasiadis, 31% for Papadopoulos).

The elections will be held in two rounds - 28 January and 4 February 2018, respectively. The poll shows that choosing the president of Cyprus is going to go & frac34; of voters.

It is not known whether the results of this poll can be considered correct - Prime Market Research, which carried out this survey, is connected with the Director of the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Cyprus, Jorgos Solomou, writes Cyprus Mail.

Gleb Nekrasov
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