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The main causes of death in Cyprus are cardiovascular diseases and oncology

The two main causes of death in Cyprus in 2016 year were diseases of the circulatory system and cancer-induced tumors. This is reported by the CyStat Statistical Service of Cyprus.

Total 2016 year on the island was registered 5 587 deaths. This number includes the deaths of both local residents and tourists. At the same time 54% of deaths fell on men, 46% - on women. Diseases of the circulatory system led to death in 33,1% of cases, and cancer - in 23,7%. As a result of respiratory diseases, 8,9% died, due to problems with the endocrine system, nutrition and metabolism 6,9%, due to injuries or poisoning - 5,4%.

In total, in 2016, 78 486 people applied for help in state hospitals, which is less than a year earlier (78 988). According to CyStat, in 2016, 73,1% of beds were occupied in public hospitals, in 20115 - 74,7%.

A source: VC

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