Today: December 16 2018
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From the inhabitants of Paphos require the registration of dogs

From the inhabitants of Paphos require the registration of dogs

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The municipality of Paphos has issued a warning to the owners of dogs living in the province, demanding to obtain licenses for their pets, if they have not done so yet, according to the News in Cyprus.

The warning indicates that at the moment, 480 dogs are officially registered in the municipality. The total number of the municipality is estimated at 1,5 thousand. The owners of unregistered dogs are waiting for fines, warns the municipality.

These measures are related to the tragedy that occurred in Geroskipou in mid-February 2018. As we reported earlier, a Bulgarian citizen, Petrana Milkova, was found in a critical condition on a potato field, and later died in a hospital. According to the official version of the police, a woman was torn to pieces by a woman.

To register a dog in Cyprus, it is necessary to do the following: visit a veterinary clinic (for examination, vaccination, implantation of a microchip), go to the Department of Veterinary Services with a medical card and an identification certificate from the clinic to obtain a registration certificate, and then present all collected papers in the municipality and pay an annual tax (from 20 euros - varies depending on whether the breed is potentially dangerous or not).

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