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Differences Petersburg terrorist attack other conspicuous

3 April terrorist attack is significantly different from other similar crimes that have taken place in recent years in Russia. For the first time not exploded a suicide bomber - a killer left the bomb and ran away. For the first time the target was Peter, who until now, in contrast to Moscow and cities of the North Caucasus, was able to avoid the political terror. There are other differences.

The Investigative Committee has already declared wanted by two suspects. One is believed to be a bomb left in a fire extinguisher case at the station "Ploshchad Rebellion". The other - in a briefcase in the car to "Senna".

Unlike the first: it is not a kamikaze

The killers this time regretted themselves, although in the overwhelming majority of similar attacks, the demolitions chose the path of "shahid", that is, they died with their victims, hoping to immediately go to heaven. A photo of one of the alleged militants has already been published - and for some reason coincides with the image of a "typical militant" from the Caucasus. A man with a long beard, a la old man, Hottabych, with a typically Muslim cap - Kufi. It is clear that Kufi immediately attract the attention of patrol officers. If it really is a terrorist, then strange - going to the subway with a bomb in his briefcase, he did not change his hat. It's strange that he did not come up with the idea to disguise his beard. Recall that undermined himself in 2011 year in Domodedovo Ingush fighter Evloev no long beard was not worn.

The fact that the image of the bomber was "archetypal" and confirm immediately arose version, like the one that already expounded a blatantly "Life". "There was a man of non-Slavic appearance. In a dark jacket. I went in the car, looking at all with contempt. I'm glad that I've got to go. Got off the train, took steps 10 - and behind me there was an explosion, "- said the portal passenger subway Taya.

Monologue Taya is not related to the terrorist attack, - in fact the explosion occurred not on habitats and on the stretch, in the depths of the tunnel. But it adequately reflects the widespread fear that many at once persuaded himself that the murderer - "neslavyanin" and "looking at all with contempt." Now a lot of "eye-witnesses" will tell gullible reporters that "narrowly escaped death", an explosion, say, thundered at me literally "behind."

Another girl, calling herself witnessed, for example, reported that the explosion actually occurred under the car because she saw the mangled inside the iron floor. However, investigators have already announced that the bomb was not in the underground, and in the car.

Another eyewitness, a man now, too, says that he saw "the guy left the portfolio" and moved to the next car. If you believe in this version, a terrorist or a person is mentally retarded, or he was not free in their actions (such as himself who was holding at gunpoint). Otherwise it is impossible to imagine why he "went into the next car," that is left in the affected area, but did not go away from the future epicenter of the explosion.

The second difference: the bombs were making amateurs

Soon after the explosion, another IED was found and neutralized at the nearby station "Ploshchad Vosstaniya", a homemade explosive device, much more powerful than the first one. Photo of the IED was also made public. The surprise is not that the bomb turned out to be self-made, - in the previous terrorist attacks, it was also not used factory mines. Surprisingly, it did not explode - in the earlier terrorist attacks, this happened very rarely. They collected the bomb, although at home, on their knees, but professionals, militants, who usually had one or two Chechen wars behind them, and before that, also served in the Soviet Army. Earlier, figuratively speaking, they all exploded.

This suggests an analogy with the attacks that have occurred in recent years in Chechnya - acts of terrorism, by the way, that happened there after years of pause. As noted at the end of last week, the newspaper VIEW, the attackers were not Nedobitko old mother, and young people - those who during the first war 1994-96's just been born. This new generation of militants has dropped from the hands a lot during the fight. Even the weapons they had a cold and did not fire.

Unlike the third: "nepugannyh» St. Petersburg

Why was not the target of Moscow, where the subway is already blown, and St. Petersburg, is easy to understand. In Moscow, the entrance to all stations already closed frame. Although they perform mainly a decorative function, but still working - deter potential terrorists. In St. Petersburg, the frames always do not have time to deliver. This second capital and, accordingly, the target № 2 after Moscow.

City - the birthplace of President Putin, this is where he was expected to visit on Monday, there was planned and the summit with his Belarusian counterpart. In addition, the Northern capital since the beginning of 90-ies when exposed to terrorist attacks, only the criminal sense. Therefore, the townspeople, unlike the Muscovites, it is much easier to shock - response will be stronger, which is what the terrorists sought.

Fourth difference: the solidarity of the West, and even in Ukraine

Resonance from the terrorist attack abroad, in the West, was about the same as it was in 2010, when the metro exploded in Moscow, or in 2011, when the target was Domodedovo airport. Both the European Union and the United States immediately expressed their deep condolences, which was not the case after our other disasters that occurred after the spring of 2014, and what we have already become unaccustomed to. Condolences were expressed even by Kiev, but after Brussels and Washington, of course. For example, Ukraine ignored the death of the Tu-154 near Sochi in December, and its blogosphere was even pleased, as only the Tu-154 passengers saw only the soldiers flying to the Syrian front. But this time, Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and the victims.

More worthy than others during the attacks, behaved and business. After the St. Petersburg subway adjourned, the largest taxi service - "Yandex-Taxi" and Uber -obyavili all trips in St. Petersburg free. Meanwhile, the city authorities have declared all public transport free of charge. However, such solidarity shown not all taxi drivers - others, on the contrary, pushed up prices in 10-15 times.

No matter how successful the security services worked, unfortunately, such tragedies are repeated from time to time, 100-percent safety does not happen. But some people behave with the people, while others - not.

A source: LOOK

Author: Yuri Zaynashev

Tags: Russia, Incidents, Explosion, Terrorism, Metro