Today: March 25 2019
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Paphos earns well at wedding ceremonies

Paphos earns well at wedding ceremonies

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In 2017, wedding ceremonies brought more than 610 000 euros to the treasury of the municipality of Paphos. This was stated by the head of the marriage registration department of Paphos, Leah Kostya, in an interview with the Cyprus news agency.

Total in 2017 year in Paphos legalized their relationship 1310 pairs. For comparison, a year earlier, their number was equal to 1185. At the same time, 85% of weddings that took place last year were organized for couples from the UK, about 10% of the newlyweds came from Israel. Another 5% of marriages include ceremonies between Cypriots and citizens of other countries, or were marriages of foreigners residing in Cyprus.

By the end of February 2018 another 24 couples from Israel tied themselves by marriage in Paphos.

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