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Paphos can become the center of Chinese trade

Chinese businessmen intend to turn Cyprus into a regional commercial center with access to other EU countries. To realize their idea, they are looking for a plot of land in Paphos with an area of ​​120 thousand square meters. Meters.

A large wholesale company from China is going to build an exhibition center, warehouses, as well as premises for the assembly of electrical and household appliances, which will be able to receive all EU certificates, after which it will be exported to Europe.

The head of the Pafos Chamber of Commerce, Andreas Dimitriadis, confirmed this information in an interview with Phileleftheros.

Recall that in 2012, Hermes Airports intended to conclude an agreement with the Chinese company Far Eastern Phoenix to lease out the areas of the old Larnaka airport terminal to a sublease (the consortium has the right to dispose of the old terminal before 2031 year, after which it must return it to the state). Chinese businessmen wanted to create there shopping areas for sellers who would bring goods from China to Cyprus and offer them to wholesale buyers from Europe.

The project was supposed to attract in the economy of Cyprus order of 600 million euros, but the deal did not take place, because the Chinese side asked to extend the lease of the terminal from 19 to 50 years. To do this, it was necessary to hold another tender - already on behalf of the state. Guarantees that his winner would be "Far Eastern Phoenix" (so translates the name of the company into Russian), no one could give. In January of the year 2013, the project decided to freeze, and after the acute phase of the financial crisis, it was completely abandoned.


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