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Pope Francis apologized to the poor

Pope Francis, on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church apologized to all the poor, who are often turned away from the Christians, and called on them to maintain human dignity.

"I ask your forgiveness in the name of Christians who do not live the gospel, when they meet with poverty. I am sorry for all the times when Christians in the face of a poor man or a poverty situation, turning away to the other side. Your forgiveness of men and women of the Church, who did not look for you, is blessed with water for us, it helps us to believe that in the heart of the Gospel is poverty as a great message for all of us ", - said the pontiff on Friday during a special audience, which was attended by about 4 thousand poor people 22 of countries.

The current audience for the so-called "socially excluded" people took place in the Vatican in the framework of the Jubilee of mercy, which by decision of Pope Francis celebrated since December 8 2015 20 till November 2016 years.

"When you have a lot of wealth, you forget about the poor When you are poor, then you can lend a helping hand to those who suffer Thank you for this example..", - Said Francis. "Poor - yes, slaves - no", - declared the pope and called "socially excluded" people always preserve human dignity.

The audience ended with the reading of the prayer "Our Father", which the Pope has made together with six homeless.

A source: RIA News

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