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Papal Nuncio: Remembering about Ukraine for political reasons is no longer fashionable

Remembering about Ukraine in the world for political reasons "is no longer fashionable," said the papal nuncio Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, head of mission of the Catholic Church, to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine.

"It is said that for political reasons, to recall Ukraine is no longer fashionable. After all, Ukraine - is a country that has aggravated relations between the United States and Europe on the one hand and Russia on the other. Speaking today about Ukraine - it's like to talk about their own failures, "- quoted him as saying Ukrainian edition of the" Reporter ".

According to him, the silence of the West in this respect is not spontaneous. He noted that "Ukraine, which previously was quite evident in [the influence] of Russia" decided including "under the undoubted pressure from the West," to turn toward Europe and the United States.

"It was the Maidan, was the actual separation from Russia with all the economic consequences that can occur when someone quarrel or act against the one who is its main breadwinner. But at the same time, for various reasons, the West did not take place in Russia. He does not think about improving local living conditions. Thus, Ukraine has lost on all fronts, "- he said in an interview Gugerotti for Vatican Radio.

He recalled that at the time of the Maidan has decreased the purchasing power of the Ukrainians, and the average salary decreased by four times. Thus, the Papal diplomat stressed, the problem of war is added to the increase in the overall poverty in Ukraine. "If it does not change, we are facing a war between the poor", - concluded the Nuncio.

It is worth noting that in the Russian version of Radio Vatican nuncio no representations about the Maidan was not given.

Archbishop Gugerotti appointed Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine in November 13 2015 years.

Recall the political crisis in Ukraine began after President Viktor Yanukovych has refused to sign an association agreement with the EU, an obstacle to the participation of Ukraine in the economic integration process with the participation of Russia.

22 2014 February, immediately after the signing of an agreement between President Yanukovych and the opposition, in Ukraine there was a coup d'etat. The result of street fights in which the radicals have repeatedly used firearms and "Molotov cocktails" in dozens of casualties. So far, the events on the Maidan investigation has not been completed.

The new authorities of Ukraine began to hold obvious anti-Russian policy. So, in January 2015, the Ukrainian parliament at an extraordinary meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Donbass, adopted a statement in which Russia is called "aggressor country." The statement supported 271 MP with the necessary minimum of 226 votes.

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