Today: March 22 2019
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Paralimni will develop an international resort status

Paralimni will develop an international resort status

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The municipality of Paralimni will conduct an analysis and, in accordance with its results, develop a strategy for raising the level of the city as a tourist center. The main areas of work are attracting more tourists and creating a sustainable international resort status.

Paralimni is very close to Ayia Napa, and so far it is considered an excellent beach resort. But the town has a great potential to attract not only beach lovers, but also active tourists. The municipality of Paralimni will carry out a year and a half analysis of tourism data, which will cost 24 000 euros. The results obtained will help to develop a marketing strategy for turning the town into a modern international resort, writes InBusinessNews.

The authorities of Paralimni are going to first deal with the following points:

  • increasing the level of stability of tourism enterprises and organizations;
  • growth of employment in the tourism sector;
  • promotion of the region as a center for international tourism;
  • introduction of special types of tourism for the extension of the tourist season;
  • improvement of the existing tourist infrastructure;
  • development of education of future workers in the tourism business;
  • increase in the contribution of the revenues of the tourism sector to the economy of the region and the island.

An analysis will be carried out in the near future, which will show what measures will be most effective for the implementation of these plans.

Irina Zhmaeva
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