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Greek Parliament accused of ridiculing Christianity and indulging Islam

The Orthodox clergy of Greece accused the deputies of the country's parliament of violating the rights of believers - the other day parliament members called obscurantism protests against the law on cremation, AgionOros portal reported.

Cremation was legalized in Greece last year. The bill caused condemnation by Orthodox Christians, who make up the majority of the country's population.

"The behavior of the ruling party of Greece raises the question: Why 34 of the deputy from SYRIZA was brought to the discussion in the parliament for the establishment of the Muslim cemetery in Attica, justifying its initiative with economic and social reasons, and 40 days ago some members of the same party at the parliamentary session called any protest against Cremation with obscurantism and tried with a lot of pathos, strong emotions, with tears, emotional trembling and populist statements to legislatively impose it, "- said Metropolitan Messinian Chrysostom.

He stressed that he does not oppose the creation of a Muslim cemetery. The priest is embarrassed by the inconsistency of the party's actions. He does not like that the deputies "unilaterally" express respect for the traditions of Islam and at the same time "scornfully ridicule" the Christian tradition of burial.

"I believe that the government, which plans to emphasize the independence of the state from religion through serious constitutional reform, does not have the right to such pejorative statements expressing an engagement and lack of independence in decision making.Thus, it becomes evident that the government and the ruling party are de facto Do not respect either religious identity or religious freedom, "the Metropolitan concluded.

A source: RIA News

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