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Easter, the Lord's Passover! Sayings of the Athonite elders about the Resurrection of Christ

Easter, the Lord's Passover! Sayings of the Athonite elders about the Resurrection of Christ

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Easter

The Passover of the Lord is the Triumph of the New Eternal Life, the Feast of Our Resurrection, the true meaning of our faith.

Ten sayings of Athonite saints and elders about the bright and glorious Resurrection of Christ.

1. Throughout the Great Lent, we diligently, in repentance and prayer, were preparing for the celebration of the Feast of Feasts and the celebration of the festivities - the Bright Resurrection of Christ. And this day has come! This is the Great Day of Love and Mercy of God for His creation ... In order not to happen, no matter what tribulations, temptations or trials we would not comprehend, we must remember that "God is Love, and who abides in love abides in God, and God in (1 John 4: 16) ... Our Lord Jesus Christ in His redemptive sacrifice, in voluntary suffering for our sins and in His Holy Resurrection, revealed and commanded us this priceless gift. Therefore, it is on this day that the hearts of Christians are particularly perceptibly overwhelmed with a feeling of love, joy and peace.

Shiarhimandrite Jeremiah (Alyokhin)

2. The Myrrh-Bearers had a great faith in Christ, they had a spiritual disposition, so they paid no attention to anything. If they had no spiritual disposition, would they have decided to do so? At dawn, at an early hour, when it was still forbidden to appear on the street, they with fragrances in hands went to the Holy Sepulcher of the Lord for the love of Christ. Therefore, they were honored to hear from the angel the glad tidings of the Resurrection.

The Monk Paisius of the Holy Trinity

3. Let us try to cleanse our spiritual feelings, let's be sober, so as not to defile them, so that we may see in the Heart of God the Light of the Divine Resurrection in our hearts. ... we will strive with all the forces of our soul - so that in this world the soul will know the Other World. Our success in the monastic life is to know, taste the lives of another world, to reach such a degree of love for Christ, to always burn with the desire to contemplate His Divine Face. The Holy Fathers say that in another world, people's food will be love - love for Christ and for each other. One person will contemplate another and from this feel in the soul a real paradise.

Archimandrite Ephraim (Moraitis)

4. Christ by His Resurrection not only transferred us to the other side of the river, canal, lake. He brought us out of the chaos that man himself could never overcome. He escorted us from death to life. Christ is risen, and now everything is exulting. You saw the goats in the spring, how they happily frolic on the green grass? Slightly suck their mummy and again continue to jog gaily? So we should rejoice about the ineffable joy of the Resurrection of Christ and our own resurrection. I can give you one piece of advice, "he continued. - When you suffer any grief or failure, mentally assemble and slowly read the Troparion: "Death is celebrating killing ...". And you will see that the greatest event in your life, as well as in the life of the whole world, has already happened. This is the Resurrection of Christ, our salvation. And you realize that the failure that has happened to you is too small to destroy your good order.

The Monk Porphyry Kavsokalivit

5. Oh, if only we begin to conduct a new residence, which befits those who are at peace with the Lord Christ, as we are told by Paul: "As Christ is from the dead, from the dead, by the glory of the Father, so also we will begin to walk in the renewal of life" (Rome. 6, 4). Today we learned from the Risen One about a new life. If only we keep it to the end, having new thoughts, uttering new words and accomplishing new deeds worthy of the new Resurrection of Christ - rather than luxurizing at banquets and banquets, not singing shameful and devilish songs, not mocking and dancing, not falling into voluptuousness and popularity, drunkenness and debauchery, avarice and other sins. ... Let us beg, beloved, of the Risen Christ to kill the passionate thoughts and demons nesting in our hearts, we will beseech Him that He Himself will rise in the midst of us, stepping like prints, passionate impressions that are in our soul, and the prerogatives of sin

The Monk Nicodemus of the Holy Trinity

6. Many times I had to meet with such phenomena that Easter was for some time a test ... "Christ is risen, the dead is not alone in the grave," and I feel suddenly in the power of death! Not only when you feel the actual predominance of passions over yourself, but in the struggle itself, remember that there is nothing finite except Christ, and rely on Him. A sensation may arise: "Behold, the Passover has come, but I am still in the death of passions." But do not succumb to this temptation, but we must believe that we will truly be resurrected; and not just to believe, but also to savor, as the holy fathers say wonderfully in the Creed. I not only believe that the dead will rise, no! - And I'm waiting for this resurrection. Speak these words with great feeling, test yourself and know the nature of these phenomena! If we say in the Creed "I am waiting for the resurrection of the dead" and in prayers for the dead: "in the HOPE of the belly of your eternal servant who is dead," then we emphasize that when we die, we will wait for our resurrection, for now: "In Thy hands I commend my spirit" (Lk.23: 46). I wish all of you to truly live the Passover with this expectation of our common resurrection.

Archimandrite Sofroniy (Sakharov)

7. Constantly ill, in complete poverty, refusing all the joy that the objects of this world bring to a person, Father George always rejoiced in the spiritual joy, greeting the guests with the Easter "Christ is Risen." "We are the children of the Resurrection," Father Georgi liked to say. "We, monks, can not live or save without Easter joy-it's impossible."

Shimonah George (Vitkovych)

8. The Risen Christ our God rightly declares: "He who believes in me has eternal life" (In. 6, 47). Without Christ - the one all-powerful, absolute Life and Immortality - the space and time in which our world dwells become an unbearable burden. Only through Christ and with Him they become easy and pleasant. The man's yoke is terrible and awful, and his burden is unbearable. Only with the help of the All-good and All-Power God-Man of Christ this "yoke" becomes "Good, and burden - easy" (cf .: Mt. 11, 30). When, through the power and grace of the risen God-Man, the bonds and causes of the corruption and alienation of man from the root of life and life are destroyed, then everything is replaced by happiness, joy and rejoicing.

Elder Joseph of Vatopedi

9. The verb of the Lord, the sweetest thing is honey and honeycomb, "He that believeth in me, though he were dead, will live." And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die " (In. 11, 25-26) was fully fulfilled in His Divine Resurrection. But I must say one more thing. Without the Resurrection of the Lord can not be understood the triumph of all from the age of the righteous, especially His disciples and apostles, martyrs, confessors, heroes in Christ who through the grace of the Divine Resurrection "They blocked the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire, avoided the point of the sword, were strengthened from infirmity, were strong in the war" (Heb. 11, 33-34) and generally conquered the beginnings and powers of darkness, trampled on death itself. The reward and crown for all these feats was the Resurrection of the Lord for them, which until the end of the century will be the symbol and aspiration of all generations. The sweetest of our Lord Jesus, the risen God-man, will be a single being, both under heaven and above the sky, honoring a man imprisoned in the vale of crying to overcome death, the devil and sin itself, to become blessed, immortal and partaker of His eternal Kingdom. Therefore for our nature the risen Lord became "All for all" (1Cor. 9: 22). He became beautiful, kind, true, beloved, joyful, divine, wise, eternal, our only love, our joy, all our good, all our life, all our aspiration and rest.

Elder Joseph of Vatopedi

10. Only in Christ, man finds true, real joy, because only Christ gives joy and spiritual consolation. Where Christ is, there is true joy and heavenly exultation. Those who are far from Christ do not have true joy. They can indulge in dreams "I'll do this and that, I'll go there, I'll go here," they can be honored, they can indulge in entertainment and therefore experience joy, but this joy will not satiate their soul. This joy is material, mundane, and worldly joy does not saturate the soul, and man remains with an emptiness in his heart. Do you know what Solomon is saying? "I built a houseа planted vineyards, broke gardens, collected goldOh, I acquired everything that my heart desired, but in the end I realized that all this was futile. " Eccl.2,4-11). The worldly joy gives something temporary, which is pleasant only at the moment, does not give what gives spiritual joy. Spiritual joy is a heavenly life. Those who have crossed and resurrected spiritually live in Paschal joy. "Easter, Lord's Passover!"

The Monk Paisius of the Holy Trinity

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