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Legislation in the West came into conflict with the moral nature of man, and political correctness aims to limit the faith of Christians, said the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

"It seems that political correctness aims to limit the ability of Christians to profess their faith. For example, why, instead of the word Christmas (Christmas) you want to use the word X-Mas? When we ask this question, we say: "it is necessary not to offend non-Christians." We asked the Muslims have the word Christmas offends? No. A tree on the street hurt? No. If Muslims are not offended, then who? Chances are no one "- quoted him as saying RT.

"And Europe, a continent that has developed culturally and politically on the basis of Christian ideas. When we are told that there are some ancient sources - yes, they are, but they are not updated because over the centuries has actualized Christian morality and the idea stemming from this idea of ​​laws ", - the Patriarch said.

"Today, when Europe suddenly abandons these ideas in favor of some kind of political correctness, the question arises - is political correctness, or something else? This question arises in our country, people have passed through the atheistic persecution in the Soviet Union. It then also say "in the name of human freedom," in the name of human rights "," in the name of a bright future. " And for some reason only religious people were under the weight of public pressure, until the so-called reconstruction, "- he said.

"It has long ceased to fight against the capitalists, the landlords, the bourgeoisie, and the church continued to fight until the very end. We are going through the experience to be wary of the fact under the guise of political correctness, the rights and freedoms for all, seen undoubted discrimination against people who want to manifest their Christian beliefs, "- he said.

"That's what happens in the West - for the first time in the history of human civilization legislation came into conflict with the moral nature of man. That's what is good and evil? What is sin and righteousness? All these concepts can be described religious, and may not be described religious "- the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church said.

"Take the positive hero of fiction - whether British, American, Russian. The same features of a positive hero. Where are these features? Cultures are different, the political system is different, but good is good, evil is evil. And everyone understands who is a goodie and who is negative. As recognized by the positive or negative hero man? Heart. It is this moral nature of man ", - he said.

"And according to this moral nature, which we believe God created nature, and create legislation. Legislation in the legal term used to describe human morality. In legal terms they say, what is good and what is bad. We understand that stealing - it is bad, but to help people - that's good. A law describes what theft and what punishment should a person suffer if he steals, "- he said.

"For the first time in the history of mankind began to justify laws that does not correspond to man's moral nature. The laws go against the moral nature of man. It is something like - not fully, but can result in parallel - the apartheid laws in South Africa, or the fascist laws, when the law went against the moral nature, and the people rose up, "- said the patriarch.

"It's not ours, it is somewhere deflated, it is of some ideology, it does not fit our life goal setting. Therefore, the Church can not accept such a development. We are saying that the Church should not ever reconsider the concept of good and evil, sin and righteousness, we thus do not condemn people who have some kind of a, including sexual choice. This is a matter of conscience, it is their personal matter, "- he said.

"These people should not be discriminated against, of course. It is impossible, moreover, to punish, as it did in some states before. But in any case, such a model of behavior can not be thought of as the rate on a par with that pattern of behavior, which stems from the moral nature of man - this is a natural relationship between husband and wife, it is a family, the birth of children. That's why in this new development we see a very big risk for the existence of human society, "- said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church ..

"And the Church is obliged to tell the public about it. But we know that the power of government to many church leaders silenced. In one case, a Protestant pastor, speaking in one of the countries with the sermon, called it a sin. And he received a prison sentence. Again, very similar to what happened in the Soviet Union in the time of totalitarianism. In countries that proclaim freedom, you are expressing your opinion, you can be punished. A dangerous trend ", - he said.

"I very much hope that this trend will choke that a healthy start in life of human society will prevail. And do not even want to think what will happen to all of us. If this is not a healthy start to win. We pray and work for in order to keep the human race. That he lived according to the laws, which corresponds to the moral nature of mankind ", - he said.

On Sunday, Patriarch Kirill celebrated 70 years. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Patriarch with 70-anniversary and noted his contribution to the development of inter-religious and inter-ethnic dialogue. On the eve of Putin awarded Patriarch Kirill the Order "For Services to the Fatherland» I degree.

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