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Patriarch Kirill: Freedom from righteousness is death

2 July 2017, the Week 4 on Pentecost, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia performed the order of the great consecration of the church of St. Euphrosyne, the Grand Duchess of Moscow in Kotlovka in Moscow and the Divine Liturgy in the newly-consecrated church. At the end of the service, the Primate addressed the congregation with the First-Hierarchal Word, in which he paid particular attention to the theme of freedom from sin and freedom from righteousness, sounded in the Sunday apostolic reading.

"In today's apostolic reading from Romans (Rom. 6: 18-23), the apostle Paul teaches us that there are two freedoms - freedom from sin and freedom from righteousness," the Patriarch drew attention.

"Freedom from sin is the ability of a person, regardless of the influence of the environment, on the stereotypes of thought and modes of action imposed on him, to retain the power to oppose himself to sin. This is truly the greatest freedom, because sin is attractive and if someone gives himself up to sin, then he ceases to be free, "said the Entrepreneur.

"Well, what is freedom from righteousness? And this is the freedom that is very easy to find. To this freedom of man, his instinctive principle pushes him: do what you want, do not exist any taboos, live as you like, any restrictions are arbitrary, do not listen to anyone, liberate your instincts, live freely. Is not this being taught today by such or other, however more intelligent, but bearing the same meaning as the words? And we see what is happening in the world: even legislation encourages freedom from righteousness and, more rarely, external circumstances, help a person to preserve freedom from sin.

At the end of this part of his narrative, the Apostle Paul, referring to the Romans, says that as a result of sin, as a result of a life free from righteousness, death occurs, and as a result of a life free from sin, eternal life. These are not human words, it is God through the apostle Paul who speaks to the whole world. He does not speak with the power of man, - He addresses us in His Divine wisdom and each of us is free to take these words seriously or brush them away, to become free from sin or free from righteousness. And the result will be exactly what God tells us: freedom from sin is eternal life, and freedom from righteousness is death.

Very many during a lifetime experience the power of these words. Most often this happens with age, when a great experience accumulates, when a person has experienced, experienced, suffered, learned from his own experience how great and terrible in his truth is the Divine word, how senseless it is to contradict him in his thoughts, words, and all the more actions . But people who are just beginning their lives, especially those who have everything relatively well, who have not yet come into contact with grief, illness, or suffering, often do not understand the meaning of these words, especially being under the influence of the information that is falling today per person. And the task of the Church is to turn to those who are young, and to those who are in adulthood, and to those who are approaching the decline of life, and to say that Divine words are indisputable and always fulfilled, "the Patriarch emphasized.

A source: Pravoslavie.Ru

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