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Patriarch Kirill praised conversation with French President Hollande

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill praised on Monday held a conversation with French President Francois Hollande, as mentioned at the meeting with the Catholic Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois of Paris in the building of the Catholic Archdiocese.

Patriarch Cyril and Francois Hollande at a meeting on Monday at the Elysee Palace in Paris discussed the protection of Christians in the Middle East and peacekeeping efforts in Ukraine. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church thanked Hollande for the possibility of building in the center of the French capital, on the Branly Embankment, the Troitsky Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center. The Patriarch is confident that this place will become a platform for the development of spiritual and humanitarian initiatives between Russia and France. The French president welcomed the meeting of Patriarch Cyril in February with Pope Francis of Havana and the consecration of the cathedral last Sunday in the territory of the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Center, which opened in October.

"We had a good conversation with President of France Fransua Ollandom We discuss important contemporary issues ... I think that the opportunity to meet with the President of France -. Man who heads the secular republic, a secular state - this is a good signal that the secular government is ready to discuss with the representatives of church burning problems that now we are all concerned about, "- Patriarch Kirill said.

Cardinal Vingt-Trois said that often occurs with the President and talking about important issues. "This is a man who listens, and listens favorably," - said Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Hollande, however, he said, you never know whether this dialogue will lead to concrete results.

Patriarch Kirill 3 December began primatial visit to the Diocese of Korsun. During the visit, which will last until December 7, the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church will visit not only Paris, but also the Swiss city of Zurich, where he will lead the church celebration of the anniversary of 80-Church of the Resurrection.

A source: RIA News

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