Today: March 18 2019
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Patriarch Kirill: The West is no longer a Christian

Patriarch Kirill: The West is no longer a Christian

Tags: Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Church, Religion, Christian, Western Europe, LGBT Rights, Society, Russia

Western countries do not identify with the Christian tradition, and harassed those who defend Christian values, said the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill on Wednesday at a meeting with US preacher Franklin Graham at the St. Daniel Monastery.

"The Russian Church during the Cold War to actively develop relations with Western Christians. We were living in difficult conditions of atheistic ideology and perceived Western civilization as Christian civilization, we appreciated the freedom in which they lived, Christians in the West and considered them our brothers and allies" - said the Patriarch.

He stressed with regret that in recent years "there have been radical changes in the spiritual and religious life in the West - Western countries have ceased to identify with the Christian tradition," moved to the idea of ​​a society in which "Christian values ​​should not dominate."

Patriarch noted that today many countries have laws that allow same-sex marriages, and "people who disagree with them," the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, "being persecuted", "pressure, and not just information."

Russian church broke any relationship and communication with those religious organizations that support same-sex marriage, get married in churches same-sex couples are allowed to representatives of different sexual orientation to take holy orders, stressed the patriarch, noting that due to a number of conservative Protestant churches, the ROC has to continue dialogue with Christians of America.

The US Supreme Court ruled in late June that the right to marry applies to same-sex marriage than this kind of legalized unions throughout the United States. The court's decision reflected a change in American public opinion, which was previously opposed same-sex marriage, but in recent years supports them.

Aleksei Mikheev
RIA News
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