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Patriarch Kirill told about the crash in the West

The countries of Western Europe and the US are covered by the moral catastrophe, convinced the Patriarch.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill called a catastrophe rethinking of traditional Christian values ​​in Western societies and the consolidation of immorality in the law.

"We know what tremendous forces today are used to primarily Christians tear from an authentic understanding of God's moral law. And we know what a disaster occurs in Western Europe and even in the rich American-European world ", - Kirill said in his sermon at the Cathedral of Mary Magdalene in Nalchik.

According to him, many Christians in the West to forget about their roots and with the rest of the people refuse from the base of the moral life, "justifying sin not only in their community, but also supporting the sinful law that justifies sin."

The Primate said that he sees similar processes in Russian society, "Interfax".

"Nothing like this happens in our country, because the Orthodox, and Muslims are not willing to live by the laws, which are at odds with the will of God and the divine moral law. This is our base, so we have a foundation for building a life together ", - said the priest.

Earlier Patriarch Kirill called ideology guise of tolerance for evil and denounced the indifference of Western powers to the fate of Christians in Asia and Africa, where they are massively destroyed by radical Islamists.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop did not approve of the idea that the Russians are told Russian TV channels. Their products Kirill called "Bagged" and urged artists to return to the topic of family values.

A source: Ридус

Author: Sergey Bolotov

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