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The Pentagon admitted attack on a mosque in Syria and the deaths of more than 40 civilians

The United States acknowledged that the error caused by a blow to the mosque in Syria 16 March killing 42 human, sources said at the Pentagon.

As CNN reports, the investigation revealed that the impact of the United States was not to the building where the meeting was held militants "Al-Qaeda", and in the temple complex. It is reported that usually these buildings are included in the list of objects not subject to shocks. Currently established whether the damaged buildings included in this list, reportsTASS.

16 March, the US said that caused an airstrike on a building near a mosque in Aleppo province. Conducted verification of the information about the death of 40 civilians. The Pentagon then claimed that strike leaders were subjected to "Al Qaeda" and that dozens of militants were killed in the attack.

The official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said Moscow is waiting for comments of the Pentagon in connection with the bombing of the Syrian village of Al-Jin. It was noted at the site of the air strike discovered a fragment of Hellfire missiles.

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