Today: March 24 2019
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Pentagon: Russia is insolent in the end

Pentagon: Russia is insolent in the end

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US Secretary of Defense James Mattis declared Moscow guilty of allegedly seeking to "reshape" international borders by force. He expressed dissatisfaction with the right of veto, to which Russia is endowed as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. But the NATO bloc, he says, protects security.

This is what the head of the Pentagon said at a meeting with Predrag Boscovich, the US Secretary of Defense, Montenegro:

Together with other NATO members, we are confronting common security threats. Against this is Russia, which seeks to re-shape international borders by force, and to have the opportunity to resort to the right of veto against diplomatic, economic and security decisions taken by Europeans

The American "hawk" added that his country will continue to urge Russia to observe the letter and spirit of the international commitments undertaken. But the Montenegrin leadership he praised for joining NATO, saying that Podgorica "successfully fulfilled its first foreign policy priority task."

It should be noted that in June of last year Montenegro joined NATO and thus became the 29 member of this military bloc. Moreover, such an important decision as membership in the North Atlantic alliance was taken by Montenegrin authorities without taking into account the opinion of the people. The opposition of the country insisted on a referendum, but the police rigidly suppressed all protests. Just a few days ago, a veteran of the Yugoslav war 1999 year as a protest against NATO, blew himself up at the US Embassy in Podgorica.

So, Mattis accepts not anyone, but a citizen of the former Yugoslavia, a country that not only with the help of American and European special services was torn to pieces in the 90-ies of the last century, but also subjected to monstrous 78-day NATO bombing.

After the violent disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (consisting of six Republics), America actively promoted the collapse of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (a country formed on the wreckage of the SFRY and consisting of the Republics of Serbia and Montenegro), without sparing billions of dollars. But Washington did not seem that much: from Serbia, its ancestral province of Kosovo and Metohija was torn off, turning it into a criminal "independent" pseudo-state of Kosovo, where banditry and drug trafficking flourish.

Thus, by reforming the borders of the Balkan countries (at the cost of hundreds of thousands of civilians), Washington accuses Washington through the mouths of its defense minister of seeking to reshape the borders ... not of anyone, namely Russia.

Yugoslavia is by no means the only country torn to pieces with the participation of the American special services. Without them, the disintegration of Czechoslovakia or the collapse of the Soviet Union did not do. The tragic consequences of this redrawing of borders are felt by the peoples to this day.

Elena Gromova
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