Today: December 14 2018
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First lady of Cyprus visited the women's prison on the island

First lady of Cyprus visited the women's prison on the island

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The first lady of Cyprus, Andri Anastasiadi, accompanied by Justice Minister Jonas Nicolaou and the head of the prison administration Anna Aristotelus visited the women's wing of the Central Nicosia Prison, where she talked with the prisoners and cut the traditional New Year pie to Vasilopittu. She was told that thanks to the efforts of the administration, life in prison is improving.

According to Anna Aristotelus, during the last three years significant changes were made to the work of the prison.

  • From six to ten a month the number of visits is increased.
  • Every day from eight in the morning until six in the evening you can call relatives at will. Earlier, telephone communication was limited to five minutes twice a week.
  • Foreigners can use Skype to contact their relatives abroad.

In the Central prison of Nicosia, there is a rehabilitation program for drug addicts, sports sections and a dance club. Yoga classes and aerobic Body Combat training are conducted. In July 2016, a large inflatable pool was installed for the 45 inmates of the female wing of the prison.

Prisoners can attend painting lessons, iconography, singing, self-care, make-up, proper nutrition and secretarial services. Students of educational programs are two thirds of women who are held in custody. Several people study remotely in universities and colleges.

Finally, the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus held consultations with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and decided to pay a minimum guaranteed income to those prisoners who will be released in the coming months.

On the photo Cyprus News Agency: demonstration performances of members of the dance group held in the Central prison of Nicosia in June 2017 year

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