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The first freight train traveled from the UK to China

The first freight train traveled from the UK to China in April 10. London seeks to demonstrate its capabilities in global trade to the exit from the EU.

The train loaded with vitamins, baby products, soft drinks and other products. Composition of three weeks to overcome a distance of almost 12 thousand kilometers. Marine transport would take twice as much time. The train passes the English Channel, will proceed through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The first freight train from China arrived in the UK in January. Cooperation is implemented in the "One Belt - one way" under the Chinese project. London will become the 15-th city in Europe that have a direct rail link with China. Transportation will be regular. Pronedra previously reported that the first Ukrainian train bypassing Russia arrived at the border of China later 16 days.

A source: PRONEDRA

Tags: UK Railway, China, Europe, Economy

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