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Petersburgers were able to quickly and conveniently register a visa for Cyprus

Since 1 January 2018 on Online The Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus in St. Petersburg in pilot mode introduced a new, more modern and user-friendly system for issuing a visa to the Republic of Cyprus.

If earlier it was necessary to fill out the template of the document in Word format and send it to the e-mail at the consulate, then now appeared the online form, which must be filled and just click the "send" button.

In the near future this innovation will spread to all the consulates of Cyprus in Russia - in Moscow, Krasnodar, Samara and Yekaterinburg.

In addition, the pro-visa will become more secure. A unique identification code will appear on it.


A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

Tags: Cyprus, Russia, Visa, Documents, Migration, Tourism

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