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The pilots blindly planted a plane that was hit by a hail, which flew to Cyprus

Yesterday in Istanbul there was a hurricane and hail with a chicken egg.Airbus A320 Turkish company Atlasglobal flew from Istanbul to Ercan airport in North Cyprus and at an altitude of 1,5 thousand meters fell into a storm.

As a result, the disaster completely destroyed the cook, the front windows were very damaged, the autopilot, the autotrack, the "Direct low".

The Ukrainian crew and two Turkish stewardesses showed courage in the process of this intrudent. The captain planted in blindly created a knight and looked only through the window without opening it. When he landed the plane applauded the whole of the atron airport Atatürk. Pilots of other aircraft flashed lights and just came on board to shake hands. All the Turkish channels were shown landing and when the guys came to the hotel, we all and the workers of the hotel came out and applauded them. It is really worthy of respect.

A source: Facebook

Tags: Aircraft, Incidents, Turkey

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