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Escape from a nursing home in Cyprus

9 January 51-year-old woman escaped from a nursing home in Cyprus, in Limassol. Along with her left 54-year-old man, but his "loss" was announced only this morning.

Two people fled from a nursing home in Cyprus: a man and a woman. The Limassol police asks residents of the city to be attentive and to report these people if they are found.

Signs of a woman: 51 year, growth of 175 cm, of a dense physique. Hair gray, curly, reach the shoulders. Dressed in jeans, a t-shirt of beige color and brown shoes. A woman has problems with the psyche, so it can behave strangely.

Signs of men: 54 years, height 180 cm, normal build. Brunette with short hair. What he was wearing, not reported. A man and a woman can be both together, so in different places, writes Philelewtheros.

Any information about the missing can be reported to the nearest police station or by the 1460 number.

A source: RuCy

Author: Irina Zhmaeva

Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Seniors, Society, Search

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