Today: December 15 2018
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Estimated how much Italy will stretch without Russian gas

Estimated how much Italy will stretch without Russian gas

Tags: Italy, Energy, Gas, Russia

If the supply of Russian gas is cut off, fuel supplies in Italy will last about two weeks, the newspaper La Stampa reports.

During this period, Italy will not experience difficulties, but if without Russian gas it will take longer, the authorities will launch an emergency plan, according to which gas for industrial consumers and combined cycle power plants will be distributed according to coupons, RIA Novosti reports.

The publication notes that with this development of events, utilities will be affected only in the "emergency case".

Italy is a major consumer of gas, ranking third in Europe in terms of consumption. The share of Russia occupies about 37-38% in the structure of the Italian import of blue fuel.

Earlier, at one of the largest gas stations in Austria, an explosion occurred, after which there were interruptions in the supply of blue fuel to Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

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