Today: February 22 2019
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Underwater Mediterranean Internet cable will pass through Cyprus

Underwater Mediterranean Internet cable will pass through Cyprus

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Soon, a submarine fiber optic cable called Quantum Cable will be stretched from Cyprus. It will connect high-speed Internet Cyprus, Israel, Greece, Italy, France and Spain.

From Cyprus stretched a giant fiber optic cable, capable of transmitting data at a speed of 160 terabytes / sec. Two cables will leave from Israel and Cyprus, then they will connect, and the common cable will lay on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 3000 meters. Quantum Cable will connect Greece, Cyprus, Crete, Italy, France and Spain for high-speed data transfer, while it will bypass the Pyrenees and end on the west coast of Spain in Bilbao.

The cable will be laid by Quantum. The implementation of the project is planned to spend about 200 million euros, and its operation will begin in 2,5 years - in the fall of 2020 year, writes Philelewtheros.

All the necessary documents for the approval and financing of the project have been signed, and geophysical and geotechnical investigations of cable locations are underway. In parallel with the Internet communication, an electrical cable will be laid, which will connect Israel and Cyprus. Also, the island counts on an electrical cable from Europe - it must leave Greece and connect with Cyprus.

Irina Zhmaeva
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