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Repentance does not save us, if after that we begin again to apply our sins to sins

Repentance does not save us, if after that we begin again to apply our sins to sins

Tags: Religion, Christianity

(The word about the punishment of Grigory Chernorizza, about not being lazy about his salvation.) Prologue of Saint 27)

There are quite a few people who, having repented of their sins and received forgiveness in them, after the confession, are again immediately taken to sin, again blacken themselves with filthy sins, think that this is nothing, and, comforting themselves, they say: "God is merciful, God will forgive you again. " What, like people do it well or not? We are convinced that it is very bad, and this conviction brings us the following word from one of the church teachers, Chernorizza Grigori.

He, by the way, on this subject says the following: Brothers, we reject worldly wickedness, we will not again be weaved by carnal passions - embrace, drunkenness and fornication, which corrupt both soul and body. Our life is short here; therefore we will take care of our souls, we enjoy our salvation; we will try to make good by doing our sins. We will not do so that now repented, and tomorrow for the same, or even for worse than before the confession, sins began. If you today have washed your polluted body, and in the morning you have filthy it again; will you benefit from your bath? Similarly, neither will he benefit those who have repented today, but tomorrow he again began to sin. And what is truly useful to you from your repentance, when you again return to sin after justification? And can your prayer be heard? And can you escape the wrath of the Lord? No, for how great is the mercy of the Lord, so much is the burden and punishment of Him. And the Lord judges every man according to his deeds, and everyone will be rewarded according to his deeds. Blessed is the man who will be tempted to sin and will not sin. But woe to the heart, which in two thinks, and to the sinner, following the two paths that walk.

So, brethren, as you see, our conviction is true that those who are accepted after the confession for sins are genuinely doing very badly. For, as heard, according to the teachings of St. father, and repentance for them is useless, and their prayer is not accepted by God, and the wrath of God awaits them. Yes, yes, of course, and must be sure. For, after confessing sins to sins, first, they discover ingratitude to God who forgave them, secondly, lack of faith in Him and, thirdly, finally, the depravity of their heart. How would the king look at the slave, who was worthy of the death penalty, but, having been forgiven by the king, however, immediately again would continue as before for evil deeds? Clearly, the king would have aggravated his anger against him, and it would be useless to expect an evil slave to forgive another time. But just as surely, like the slave mentioned, sinners also come, who, after confession, apply sin to sins; therefore, of course, they collect their wrath on the Day of Wrath and the Righteous Judgment of God. Let us remember, brethren, what is the measure of the long-suffering of God, for which nothing will protect us from the wrath of Heaven. And, remembering this, after the confession we will take all possible care of the correction of our lives, of cleansing ourselves from the defilements of the sinful and of walking generally along the path of the commandments of God. We will do so in order to appear in our time in the presence of God, not as sons of sin, anger and curse, but as children of sacredness, love and blessing. Amen.

Archpriest Victor Guriev
ABC of faith
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