Today: March 24 2019
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Paul Craig Roberts: The war is brewing. Will Russia have enough determination to accept the challenge?

Paul Craig Roberts: The war is brewing. Will Russia have enough determination to accept the challenge?

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Washington and its vassal London are preparing the ground for the conflict, to check whether Russia has enough determination to enter the war? How else to interpret the statement of the chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, General Sergei Rudsky. According to him, Russia "has reliable information that American instructors are training a number of militant groups in the vicinity of the city of At-Tanf in order to organize provocations related to the use of chemical weapons in the south of Syria?" They are preparing a series of explosions of chemical munitions. This fact will be used to blame the government armed forces Bashar al-Assad. Components for the production of chemical munitions have already been delivered to the southern zone of de-escalation under the guise of humanitarian convoys of many NGOs. Provocations will be used as an excuse to attack the United States and its allies in the military and government infrastructure in Syria. "

Do not expect to learn anything about this from the completely discredited Western media, which turned into the Ministry of War Propaganda.

The Russian government must blame itself for not being able to finish work in Syria again, but instead allowed Washington to expand its presence in this country, arm and train its mercenaries, provide them with chemical weapons and prepare their fleet to attack Syrian government troops , in order to prevent the further liberation of the Syrian territory.

So, we are faced with the question: if the information that General Rudskoy informed is correct, how is Russia going to act? Will Moscow use its anti-missile defense and superiority in the air to shoot down US missiles and aircraft, or will it endure this attack and again confine itself to condemning the illegal actions of Washington by declaring its protest at the UN?

If Russia does not respond to the attack, Washington will step up pressure. Russia will lose patience sooner or later, and then the war will break out.

If this happens, will the war be limited to conventional weapons or will Washington take advantage of the opportunity to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles in Russia? These issues should now come to the head of the Russian leadership. Moscow faces a serious danger that the fifth column of Washington inside Russia, Atlantic integrationists, that is, those Russians in the political and business elite who believe that Russia should integrate into the Western world at any price, block the decisive actions of the government and will substitute Russia for the first nuclear strike.

Until now, Russia has allowed itself to win, playing by the rules of diplomacy and international law, despite the obvious fact that Washington ignores these rules. Last week, Britain, a vassal of the United States, a country without military or political significance, showed complete contempt for Russia and personally for its president Vladimir Putin. In other words, the offense was inflicted on Russia by a state that is nothing more than a puppet of the Washington Empire. The blame for alleged poisoning by the allegedly Russian neuromuscular gas, in the very existence of which many experts from the United States and Great Britain, a minor ex-spy and his daughter doubted, was without any proof placed on Russia by the British Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The British Prime Minister violated the law and international agreements ratified by her country, giving Russia 24 hours to respond to a charge that was not accompanied by any evidence. The law and the convention require that the prosecuting party provide all the available materials to the accused party, who will thereafter have ten days to evaluate the evidence and the answer.

In other words, in fact, the British government refused to comply with the international convention ratified by Britain. Moreover, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson personally accused Russian President Putin of having allegedly ordered an attempt on the murder of a minor former spy. Suffice it to read that before going to London, a defector of 6 years was sitting in a Russian prison to understand that Russia had no interest in its removal and could not be.

Not satisfied with the unprecedented insult to Russia and its president, the defense minister of Britain, a country unable to defend itself against Russia even with the help of its suzerain, America, said in response to Russia's refusal to respond to unfounded accusations that "Russia must go and shut up."

This was already too, in any case, for the Ministry of Defense of Russia. General Igor Konashenkov replied: "The rhetoric of the market hubalki, demonstrated by the head of the British Defense Ministry, is remarkable for the extreme degree of his intellectual impotence. All this confirms not only the invalidity of the charges, but also that the accusers themselves are nothing.

Great Britain has long ago become not only a cozy nest for defectors from all over the world, but also to the world center of all sorts of sources of fabricated news. As for the boorish words of the Minister of Defense, it is likely that rudeness is the only weapon available in the arsenal of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. "

Pay attention to the complete contempt for Britain as a military and political force on the part of the Russian Ministry of Defense. From the point of view of the Russian military, the British state, being a vassal of America, is a complete nonentity. This suggests that the Russian military is focused on Washington and is unlikely to tolerate its agents in the Russian government and business circles if they try to block the actions of the authorities.

Perhaps the Russians will decide that it is high time to demonstrate their military superiority and remove not only US missiles and aircraft from occupied positions, but also the fleet from which it is supposed to strike, transferring their nuclear forces to a state of high alertness? What would Washington do then? Is the government, consisting of hooligans, intoxicated with their arrogance, come to a sensible decision? Or are these people so arrogant that they consider themselves "exceptional" and "indispensable," and are ready to condemn to death all the world, including plants, animals, birds and all creatures that have no idea about the killer lunatics ruling the western world?

There is no greater threat to life on Earth than Washington does. The containment of his determination to destroy human civilization is the greatest problem that mankind has faced. If we fail, all of us, people and animals, will die.

Despite the military superiority of Russia, the humanity of the Russian government puts it at a disadvantage, because in Washington no one is concerned about the fate of mankind.

The author, Paul Craig Roberts - American economist, political and economic analyst. Cavalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor, a Republican, a former Assistant US Treasury economic policy in the administration of Ronald Reagan.

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