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Paul Roberts. While the Kremlin is flirting with the West - Russia is under attack

Paul Roberts. While the Kremlin is flirting with the West - Russia is under attack

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Paul Roberts on the main mistake of the Russians

The Russians have serious difficulties with the assessment of their Western enemy and even with the understanding that Russia has an enemy that seeks to destroy Russia.

Has it occurred to anyone in Russia that this is very strange, when the United Kingdom is a country that has no military significance, a country that can be completely and permanently destroyed by Russia in a few minutes, would be to cook false allegations against the Russian authorities , publicly present these charges without showing any evidence at all, take these unfounded accusations to the UN tribune, present an ultimatum to Russia, expel diplomats and seize Russian property on the basis of simple s accusations? And all this - in the refusal to provide at least some evidence and in cooperation with Russia in investigating the charges, as required by law?

The Russians-the authorities, the media and the younger generation, whose brains are washed by American propaganda and Washington-funded nongovernmental organizations that the Russian authorities allow themselves to conduct operations against themselves in Russia, seem to think that the numerous accusations and threats against Russia are a kind of mistake, which can be corrected by resorting to evidence and right. It seems that after all these years the Russians still do not understand that Washington and its vassals are not in the slightest interest either in facts or in law.

At the United Nations, the Russian ambassador - in response to the British Prime Minister's accusations that the Russian authorities had used a nerve-fighting substance in an attempt to kill two people sitting on a bench in an English park - launched into all sorts of legalistic exhortations, including the demand for cooperation with Russia in the study of material evidence in order to establish that the charges of Britain are a violation of the law and are not supported by any evidence.

Well, why on earth do the Russians think that the British government has any business to do with the law or evidence? Are the Russians really brainwashed enough to think so of the West?

The British government of Tony Blair collaborated with George W. Bush's regime in spreading lies about the fact that Saddam Hussein in Iraq has "weapons of mass destruction". This lie was used to organize an invasion of Iraq and destroy this country, and then plunge it into a state of chaos for the next 15 years.

The British government also supported the lie about Gaddafi in Libya and took part in the overthrow of the Libyan government. The British government also supported the lie about the fact that Iran has a program for creating nuclear weapons. There was never anything to prove this. But there was never any interest in the evidence. The agenda was involved, and the agenda does not depend on the evidence.

And although the British parliament voted against British participation in Obama's planned intervention in Syria, the current British government supports the lie that Assad uses chemical weapons "against his own people."

By now, one would have thought that the Russians - and the authorities, the media, and the public - understood that everything the West could do was lie. The purpose of this lie is to demonize Russia and justify a military attack on Russia.

But why do not the Russians perceive this message. The Russians think that all this is some kind of mistake, that facts and legal processes, as well as diplomacy, will be able to clarify everything. "Please, listen to us! We can clear up all the misunderstandings! "

It seems that the West has something to do with it! Washington needs "misunderstandings"! that's why Washington creates them!
The inability of the Russians to understand the West, the stupid desire to join the West is the reason that the Third World War is getting closer and closer.

And what if, rather than referring to legal processes and laws, by their managers, whom the British prime minister refuses to follow, publicly accusing Russia of providing any evidence, the Russian ambassador to the UN would simply say: "If the United Kingdom does exist tomorrow, it will only be due to the condescension, tolerance and forbearance of the Russian authorities "?

Relying on the right to which no western country has any business, the Russian ambassador allowed the French puppet of Washington and other European puppets of Washington to say that they support the accusations of Britain against Russia, despite the absence of any evidence. Perhaps, nevertheless, the Russians noticed that none of these European governments and did not require any evidence that Russia has any kind of responsibility. All that was required was just an accusation.

In an exclusive, indispensable Western world ruled by Washington, the accusation alone is proof of Russia's deceit. When the leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, asked Prime Minister May whether she had any real evidence that Russia was trying to kill the British double agent, he was shouted not only by not only corrupt conservatives, but also by members of that same Labor Party, which he heads. What other proof is needed for Russia to understand that facts for the West are not at all important?

Will Russia wake up? Or her crazy desire to become part of the West made Russians unprepared for a nuclear strike from Washington? And this blow is coming!

And what if the Russian authorities simply told Washington: "If you or your terrorist mercenaries attack Syrian government forces, then we will destroy your presence in the Middle East! And Israel too? "

What would the British and Washington do, except how to wet their pants? Yes, they would have accurately grasped the message and decided that the world is much better.

The Russian authorities simply do not understand that Washington considers Russia's calls for diplomacy, for law, for facts, for evidence as signs of extreme weakness and lack of confidence. Washington and its puppet states do not need any facts. They have an agenda. And while calling for facts, the Russians show their weakness.

The demonstration of Russian weakness encourages Washington to aggression. Does Russia's desire to become part of the West exceed its desire for national survival?

Author: Paul Craig Roberts (Paul Craig Roberts), Doctor of Economic Sciences, former Deputy Minister of Finance of the United States for economic policy in the administration of Ronald Reagan. He worked as an editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek magazine and the Scripps Howard News Service. At one time he was the author of a permanent column in the newspaper The Washington Times. He is the author of numerous books devoted to the greatest problems of our time.

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