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Police in Cyprus arrested "urban lumberjacks'

Paphos police officers arrested two men who cut down a tree on Makarios Street. Reports Cyprus Inform.

Locals as well as the owners of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops on the street in Paphos Makarios, many times appealed to the police to complain about the fact that someone from time to time carries out unjustified felling of trees in the city.

During the investigation, the police have analyzed the data from the cameras and the two men suspected of illegally "forestry". Establish the identity of the alleged perpetrators, police squad went to carry out the arrest.

The detainees were interrogated in the Paphos police station, after which they were released prior to the resumption of the investigation in court.

A source: CypLIVE

Author: Andreas Manokulyus

Tags: Cyprus, Paphos, Arrest, Police