Today: February 16 2019
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Police of Cyprus prevented the bank robbery in Limassol

Police of Cyprus prevented the bank robbery in Limassol

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In the morning on Friday, 13 April, in Limassol, an attempt was made to rob Bank of Cyprus. Officers of the police prevented the raiders from carrying out their plans, but they could not catch up with them. An interception plan was announced.

It all began with the discovery of a sledgehammer in the bushes near the Bank of Cyprus branch on Amafunda Avenue in Agios Tychonas in the morning. The corresponding message was received by the police. The guards immediately came and took the neighborhood under surveillance.

About eight in the morning, the bank branch had two suspicious people on an orange motorcycle. Noticing the policemen, they hastened to leave. During the chase after an easy collision, the people sitting on the motorcycle threw him and ... just ran away. Catch up and delay them failed.

An interception plan was announced. The guards managed to find out that the motorcycle was stolen 20 March in Nicosia, reports Cyprus News Agency. According to the police, one of the two suspects is like a man involved in other crimes. Previously, he was put on the wanted list.

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