Today: March 24 2019
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Police of Cyprus continue to fight with drugs in parcels

Police of Cyprus continue to fight with drugs in parcels

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The Limassol District Court arrested on Wednesday, 21 February, two men for eight days as the main suspects in the case of sending from Athens with 5374 grams of marijuana.

The parcel sent by a private courier company was discovered by customs officers at the airport of the Greek capital 15 November 2017. After consultations between Greek and Cypriot police specializing in the fight against drugs, it was decided to send her to Cyprus.

22 November, the Limassol police detained an 35-year-old teacher who was the recipient of the parcel. He was arrested, but soon released. Three months later the teachers were arrested again. This time in the company with another person, about whom the police has not yet told.

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