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Cyprus police again urged citizens to be vigilant

Because of frequent thefts and robberies Cyprus police calls on citizens to be vigilant in case of sudden visits of strangers posing as sellers or distributors of a product.

Police said that the victims are older people more often. Thefts occur in the following scenario:. Introducing distributor, collector of donations, begging, etc., attackers manage to convince the residents to let them into the house. Then, using various pretexts, they find a way to get out of the field of view of the owners and steal money and valuables.

Police urges not to let strangers in the house. In the case of visits to suspicious persons, not to leave them alone and try to control the situation. In no case do not throw in a prominent place money and other valuables, jewelry, gold jewelry, jewelry, as well as electronic and digital technology. The safest solution to prevent thefts of such things is storing them in the safe.

A source: KP

Tags: Cyprus Police, Crime

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