Today: January 18 2019
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Police of Cyprus detained the first suspect in the case of a brutal murder in Nicosia

Police of Cyprus detained the first suspect in the case of a brutal murder in Nicosia

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A week after it became known about the double murder in Strovolos, the police detained the suspect. According to the press service of the police, this is 33-year-old man from Nicosia. No other information about the identity of the detainee by the investigative team has been disclosed.

On the detention of a suspect in the murder of 60-year-old mathematics teacher and his 59-year-old wife, who worked in the Central Bank of Cyprus, the police reported on Twitter. According to Phileleftheros, this is Greek Cypriot. The publication admits that the detainee was acquainted with the murdered couple. As informs SigmaLive, earlier it already got in the sight of police because of thefts and the use of drugs.

How did the murder happen

According to AlfaNews, first the criminal or criminals attacked Dean Sergiu, who was already sleeping in her bed in the bedroom. Her husband was in the living room below. He was watching TV, lying on the couch. Hearing the voice of his wife, he ran down the stairs on the second floor (his slippers were left near the sofa). The criminal attacked him in the bedroom, stabbing him in the back. His body remained lying on the bed.

An expert from Scotland Yard?

Earlier the police announced that they had expanded the investigation team to 15 officers. In the Cypriot press there was information that a criminal psychologist specializing in making profiles of murderers had been invited from the UK. On the air of RIK, journalists asked the police spokeswoman Andreas Angelidis about an expert from Scotland Yard. The head of the press service did not confirm or deny this information.

Deputy police chief: there are no ideal crimes

On Wednesday, 25 April, the deputy chief of police of Cyprus, Kipros Michailidis, in a conversation with reporters said that he does not believe in ideal crimes. According to him, criminals are always wrong. Now the police in the case of double murder in Strovolos has a general picture of the crime, motive and suspects. The matter is complicated by the fact that there are no direct evidence and the instrument of crime has not yet been found.

In the Cypriot press, information appeared that a piece of clothing with blood traces was found (according to some sources, it is a question of pajamas). Mr. Mihailidis said that he could not comment on this.

You understand that the evidence is an important component of the investigation. And we can not discuss them, - explained the deputy chief of police of Cyprus.

Investigators interview relatives, neighbors and colleagues of the murdered couple. To the investigation also included representatives of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus, forensic experts, children and criminal psychologists.

The case is moving forward. Witnesses are being interviewed. We believe that we will have excellent results in the near future, "said Kipros Michailidis.

The police work, but hardly talks about it.

Kipros Michailidis urged the public to stop criticizing the investigation for inaction.

They work, but they tell only a small part of what they are doing, "the deputy police chief explained.

The deputy head of the police press service, Stelios Stylian, was asked if the investigation had access to the family's bank accounts and telephone conversations. He replied that the police will inform the police about this later, if he deems it necessary.

When Minister of Justice Jonas Nikolaou was asked to comment on the course of the investigation, he replied that the less talk about him now, the better.

Marios Matsakis inspected the crime scene

On Wednesday, 25 April, the police finished the process of investigating the crime scene and handed the keys to the home of the murdered sister. This allowed the former state pathologist Marios Matsakis, representing the interests of the family, to inspect the house accompanied by a lawyer. According to him, the inspection was constructive and helped to clarify some points in his investigation.


15-year-old son, who is the only witness to the crime, now lives with the sister's family of the murdered teacher. Their house is under round-the-clock police protection.

In this case, more than 90 people were interviewed.

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