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Limassol police are looking for the businessman-swindler

Cyprus police searches 53-year-old Azerbaijani citizen, who lured the Greek businessman 2,5 million euros. And disappeared. The money was to be invested in the construction of Cyprus property.

As reported by The Cyprus Times, the scammer and the victim met at a conference in 2015 year. In July and August 2016, they reached a verbal agreement on investment of $ 2,5 million. Euros in construction of hotels.

The money was transferred in cash in three installments. To create the image of a respectable businessman swindler arrived at the meeting, which took place in Limassol marina, yacht, accompanied by bodyguards.

Since October, the Azerbaijani 2016 stopped communicating with the investor. Greek businessman was forced to visit Azerbaijan to try to find a cheater. But it was not there. Limassol Police are investigating the circumstances of the case.


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