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Polish police dismantled the factory with the "slaves" with Ukraine

Central Bureau of Investigation Police Poland abolished two illegal tobacco factories in the country, one of which worked "slaves" from the Ukraine.

According to the police reports from law enforcement agencies had information that the country runs a criminal group, which recruits and forces to work of people coming to Poland from the east. Criminals have rented a large warehouse and adapted it for illegal activities. One of the plants found in the city Koshtovets Mazowieckie Province in the east of the country, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to TVN24 channel.

"There were living quarters, public space from the TV lounge and a small gym. In the production hall was hard for health working conditions due to the dust and the heat, "- said the representative of the Investigation Bureau Agnieszka Hamelush.

The second factory was found in Zielona Gora (Lubuskie Province) in the west of Poland. According Hamelush, in the amount of both factories produced more than eight tons of tobacco and more than 5 million of finished cigarettes. The damage caused by their illegal activities amounted to about 500 million zlotys.

Just a year 2016 13 police dismantled illegal tobacco factories in Poland, two - in Warsaw. In the capital, arrested a person 63, 60 of them - the citizens of Ukraine, which, according to investigators, were forced to work illegally.

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