Today: January 18 2019
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Police are investigating a brutal murder in the capital of Cyprus

Police are investigating a brutal murder in the capital of Cyprus

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Police continue to investigate the scandalous murder that took place in Nicosia on Thursday.

According to the results of the autopsy, the man received an order of 25-30 knife punches, the wife - 10 blows. Most of the blows that led to the death of Giorgos Hajiheorgiou were inflicted in the chest and throat area, and several injuries were seen on the victim's stomach and legs. Dina Sergiu's strokes were applied pointwise to the throat and chest.

60-year-old man, Giorgos Hajiheorgiou, taught mathematics at the English school of Nicosia, and his wife Dean Sergiu worked in the Central Bank of Cyprus - who "crossed" the way of the wife?

Sudmed expert Elena Antoniou stated that death was caused by hemorrhagic shock due to extensive blood loss.

The tool of murder became a knife, which was used in both episodes.

"The victims were slaughtered in turn. The crime was committed with particular cruelty. Because of the abundant blood loss, death occurred within four to five minutes, "added Elena Antonio.

The police continue to search for the murder weapon. The investigation is studying the CCTV footage obtained from the cameras of the surrounding buildings.

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