Today: November 16 2018
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Political instability in Lebanon is beneficial only to Israel

Political instability in Lebanon is beneficial only to Israel

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Thesis: the pro-Saudi Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri has resigned, the political instability in Lebanon is beneficial only to Israel, Iran - Hariri's resignation does not promise anything good to Lebanon, the situation in Lebanon is closely monitored by Israel - the threat of a third invasion is growing, the strengthening of Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon will help to defeat terrorism and to restrain the expansion of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday during a trip to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon's prime minister and billionaire Saad Hariri announced that he was resigning. In the conditions of the difficult situation in the region, and even in Lebanon itself, the unexpected act of the prime minister plunges the country into some uncertainty, noted in Haaretz. It is reported that a few days before the decision to leave, an attempt was made in Lebanon's capital Beirut on Hariri, but the plans for the assassination were foiled.

In his message, broadcast on the Saudi Arabian TV channel Al-Arabiya, Hariri attacked Iran and the Lebanese party Hezbollah. "The evil that Iran spreads in the region will eventually turn against him," he said.

The words are very strange, because Iran and Hezbollah, together with Russia and Syria, are fighting international terrorism in the Middle East, which, according to Russian experts, are worth the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel. And if not for the concerted actions of these states, the Syrian government collapsed and chaos inevitably spread to Lebanon.

Hariri led the cabinet at the end of 2016, which included Hezbollah, now it appears that a new government will be formed, it is possible that the influence of Hezbollah and Iran will grow. On the other hand, the media writes that resignation can be a political maneuver.

"As KNA notes, Hariri's resignation is just an excuse for holding early parliamentary elections, during which the government Sunni movement Al-Mustakball (" Movement of the Future ") will try to put an end to the rivalry with the Shiite party Hezbollah. May 2018 year ", - writes the German wave.

According to the constitution of Lebanon, the president of the country should be a Christian, and the head of government is a Sunni. The country is essentially split into two camps, written in Ha'aretz. The Sunnis are oriented toward Saudi Arabia, and President Michel Naim Aung, who was elected in October 2016 after a two-year political crisis, looks toward Hezbollah and Iran.

"When I headed the government, I promised you that I would seek to unite the Lebanese and end the political split ... but I could not." Despite my efforts, Iran continues to interfere in the affairs of Lebanon, "Hariri said.

There are already the first comments of the Iranian side. The advisor to the Iranian foreign minister believes that Hariri's resignation is an unreasonable step that "does not bode well for Lebanon," he also added that the United States and Saudi Arabia are striving to escalate the situation.

It is expected that the resignation of Hariri will dramatically increase tensions in Lebanon. The prime minister himself said that he feared for his life and the situation in the country is close to that when his father Rafik Hariri was killed. Recall, billionaire Rafik Hariri ($ 3,15 billion) led the government of Lebanon with 2000 for 2004 and was killed in an attempt at 2005, he is accused of murdering Hezbollah, but she denies involvement. Whether the son will repeat the fate of his father, time will tell, maybe that Saad Hariri felt fried and decided to stop playing politics.

The situation in Lebanon is closely monitored by Israel, the Netanyahu regime is very afraid of strengthening the positions of Hezbollah and Iran. In recent months, the Israeli army seems to have increased the number of attacks on the territory of Syria, as a rule, aggression is due to the containment of Hezbollah. So far, Israel has not struck Lebanese territory, and in fact such a provocation can cause Hezbollah's military reaction and this will probably be followed by a third Israeli invasion. By the way, the Israelis occupied the south of Lebanon during the first aggression for 18 years (from 1982 to 2000), precisely as a response to the occupation and Hezbollah arose.

The Israeli regime does not hide that it is preparing for another attack on Lebanon. From 5 on 15 September, the military conducted the largest exercises in the last 19 years, during which tens of thousands of soldiers (aviation, navy, spetsnaz) practiced probable invasion of Lebanon and "reflection" of Hezbollah's attacks. Moreover, as reported by RIA Novosti, these days Israel holds the largest in the history of the country air exercises with the participation of seven foreign countries - the USA, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, France and India, more than a thousand pilots take part in the exercises. This can not be attributed to one Hezbollah, it seems, coalition actions are being worked out in case of an invasion of Iran. I'm not saying that all these countries will join an anti-Iranian gang, but the very fact of such international exercises is very suspicious, they are also an important symbol of support for perhaps the most aggressive country in the Middle East, which threatens the security of the region (Iran, Syria, Lebanon) and leads an infamous The occupation is unprecedented in the new history of mankind.

The influential Israeli press and the military always say that the war with Lebanon is only a "matter of time". A few weeks ago, Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman said that "in the new war we will have to fight at the 2 front."

"In any case, this will be a single theater of military operations that will cover both Lebanon and Syria, and Hezbollah, Assad's regime and all kinds of supporters of this regime will stand up to us," - Lieberman, 10 October .

I will add that in the event of a development of events like this, a right-extremist regime may well open an additional third front in the Gaza Strip against the Hamas party. For a long time, the Zionists have dreamed of clearing up Palestinian patriots and are not hiding it.

Be that as it may, the political instability in Lebanon is beneficial only to Israel and can become the starting point of unforeseen and very dangerous events for the Middle East. Perhaps the best option in Lebanon is a democratic and smooth weakening of the pro-Western-pro-Sudov faction, with the strengthening of the role of Hezbollah and Iran. Iran's "geopolitical overland bridge" to the Mediterranean (Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon) and fruitful coordination with Russia, taking into account Russia's interests in the region, will help to contain the bloody expansion of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda (both organizations are recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia).


According to Hasson, the Israeli regime locally supports terrorists in the Golan Heights. When the Front of Al-Nusra takes the village of Khadar, it is possible that there will be genocide there. Then, under the pretext of protecting the Druze, troops will be introduced and Israel will completely take Syrian Golan's heights from Syria. Lieberman is an evil policeman, Hasson is kind, Vladimir Maslov, 12 / 09 / 2016.

The Zionists have long been probing the reaction of Iran and Russia for the further seizure of the Syrian territories. Perhaps now such a probability is less than a year ago. Given the unconditional support from the Zionist puppet Trump, the probability is not small.

Vladimir Maslov
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