Today: March 19 2019
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Poland's teeth clung to Germany

Poland's teeth clung to Germany

Tags: Poland, Politics, History, Europe, Germany, War

Poland, just an amazing country. Every new year of independence, they live like the last, "coming off to the fullest." Fountating ambition in a mix with maniacal grandeur, contributes to this as never before. And one can only guess to what vertices of evolution everything can go, if someone does not stop.

The previous time, everything ended in 1795 with the third section of the Commonwealth, between its neighbors. Since the "good neighborhood" of Warsaw, all really got it. Even Sweden, England and France, which until then were clearly not delighted with Prussia, Austria-Hungary and Russia.

After that, the Poles actively manifested themselves several times on the world stage. Let's remember, but without any deeper details, just for clarity of the picture. The most juicy moments.

In 1812, they went with Napoleon on a campaign against Moscow. Although for 200 years before they were already doing a similar trick. But the lesson did not go on for future use. And then there was the First World War, and there were no three empires, which divided the Rzeczpospolita before it. So there was an aggressive and belligerent Poland. Then began the Second World War and the Holocaust, in which the Poles very vigorously helped the German Nazis convert into fertilizers 3.5 million Jews.

And now Poland wants money (reparations) from Germany, for the damage caused during the Second World War. So much money! The Germans logically send them to the pedestrian erotic journey, since all questions on this issue were resolved as far back as 1953. But Poland is not going to retreat and continues to brazenly and shamelessly slander.

The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Jacek Chaputowicz, said so directly, you can see for yourself.

The impudence of the Poles does not hold. The country's nationalists, stupidly, do not want to perceive the decisions they made under the Communists. But this is a double-edged sword. After all, Poland, then the lands of Germany were transferred, and then the Germans were also genocide. This is a well-known fact. He's just trying not to advertise.

And there is also Israel. He has already been driven to Warsaw by the rhetoric of Warsaw to an extreme degree of nervousness. So the Germans and the Jews may soon have claims to the Poles, if they continue to bend their line. The suicidal habits of this country really amaze.

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