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"Poland is easier to come to terms with Russia than with Ukraine"

"History divides us. We are concerned about the cult of Bandera, OUN-UPA. It was one of the reasons why Mr Komorowski two years ago, lost the presidential election. Many are still arguing on the issue was or was not genocide in the territory of Volyn region ", - he said the newspaper analyst VIEW Polish Tadeusz Iwiński, commenting on the share of Ukrainian Nationalists, Bandera portrait hung out at the Polish embassy in Kiev.

Polish-Ukrainian relations have experienced on the eve of yet another scandal. The activists of the organization "Black Board" in Kiev hung on the fence of the Embassy of Poland portrait of Stepan Bandera. Through Facebook, activists reported that this is the answer to "openly anti-Ukrainian statements by senior officials of Poland." Earlier, President Andrzej Duda and head of the ruling party "Law and Justice" Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the form of an ultimatum demanded from Ukraine to abandon the glorification of Bandera and UPA *.

The statement "coordinator" of the Black Committee "Bogdan Tytskikh attacks Warsaw leaders called" stab in the back "Ukraine, which" in heavy fighting breaks out under the influence of the Russian Empire. " In Warsaw, a rebuke delivered and glorification of such statesmen, "in particular Pilsudski," which was carried out "openly anti-Ukrainian policy".

Earlier, Kaczynski said bluntly that "Bandera" Ukrainians "do not take place in Europe," the attitude to Ukraine will depend on the interpretation of the role of UPA Kiev, committed the "horrific crimes against the Poles." At the same time Kiev from Bandera's in no hurry to give up.

How strong today contradictions in the triangle Kiev - Warsaw - Moscow, told the newspaper VIEW, former vice-president of the International Committee of the Seimas, a professor of political science at the University of Olsztyn Social Democrat Tadeusz Iwiński.

VIEW: Mr. Iwiński recently Moravetsky your finance minister said that Poland has more than 1,3 million refugees from Ukraine. This number corresponds to reality?

Tadeusz Iwiński:Without a doubt, more than a million Ukrainians often come and go. We do not need a visa, coming to Ukraine, but Ukrainians are obliged to have our visa. But refugees - it's a different category. And the Ukrainians come to Poland to work. We do not have enough manpower. In recent years 2,5 million Poles emigrated to the West. It is believed that at least 950 thousands of Poles working in the UK. This is the place of the Poles and Ukrainians come primarily.

Xenophobia against the Ukrainians not. By the way, in Poland there is an interesting group of 30 thousand Vietnamese. For several years, they are very well integrated. No one has any claims to them. And the Poles and Ukrainians even more in common than the Poles from Russian. The Ukrainians have a reputation for hard work. Unfortunately, elements of xenophobia in Poland there. First of all, against Muslims.

VIEW: Activists who call themselves representatives of the organization "Black Board", hung a portrait of Stepan Bandera on the fence of the Polish embassy in Kiev. Recently Moskovsky Prospect in Kiev was renamed the prospect of Bandera. In Russia, many angers the cult OUN * -UPA. And ordinary Poles care about this aspect of Ukrainian politicians?

T. I .:This is a serious problem. History divides us. We are worried about the cult of Bandera, OUN-UPA ... This was one of the reasons why Mr. Komorowski lost the presidential election two years ago. Last foreign visit to the rank of head of state, he committed to Kiev. He delivered a good speech in the Verkhovna Rada that Poland must achieve historical reconciliation with Ukraine, Germany and Russia. Poland was once the first to recognize Ukraine's independence. However, on the same day after Komorowski's speech, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law stating that if someone criticizes the figure and activities of Bandera, he must be punished. Komorowski did not react to this in any way. But many still quarrel over the issue, was or was not the genocide in the territory of Volhynia.

The story divides us. There is a good French proverb: to understand - means to forgive. But so far only Poland reconciled with Germany. As for reconciliation with Ukraine and Russia - it is much more difficult. I think that Poland is easier to come to terms with Russia than with Ukraine.

LOOK: Can we say that the Polish and Ukrainian government only brings hostility to Russia?

T. I .:I would not say so. Yes, relations between Poland and Ukraine is now, so to speak, "embittered" - for different reasons. History - this is just the first reason. Second - Poland for several years served as the main support of Ukraine in the European Union. And now our role is diminished and this place was taken by Germany. It turned out that Norman format does not include Poland.

Within the EU Poland are more likely to require support anti-Russian sanctions, until the Crimea will not be returned to Ukraine and Minsk agreement will not be implemented. This brings the Kiev and Warsaw. But I would not say that this is the main reason for cooperation. No. We have a large common border, long-standing historical ties. This is the same problem of migration. So we have a lot in common!

LOOK: Does Amplify Poland votes in favor of the lifting of sanctions?

T. I .:Such as in Slovakia, where it is said at the government level, or in France, where François Fillon and the National Front speak about this, there is no Poland. But more and more people in Poland come to the conclusion that practically anywhere in the world the sanctions did not lead to solving the problems ... Personally, I was against the decision of Warsaw to freeze visa-free border movement with the Kaliningrad region. This was an absolute political error. But now even Trump said that until Russia returns the Crimea, the sanctions will remain. The European Union has extended sanctions for six months, and what will happen next is difficult to say. Now everything will depend on the results of the elections in Holland, France and Germany.

VIEW: Poland greatly increased military spending in recent years. In Warsaw, seriously worried Russian attack?

T. I .:Perhaps there is a reason. But, by the way, Trump has always stressed that it is necessary to increase the percentage of spending on defense. And there are only five NATO countries, where more than two per cent of GDP is spent on defense. Among them, the United States, Great Britain, Greece, Estonia and Poland. Already there are calls to raise this figure to three per cent. Sam, I think there are problems with pensioners, with an increase in the minimum wage. It is necessary first of all to spend more money on the health budget.

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted an inured decision on liquidation or prohibition of the activity on the grounds provided the Federal Law "On Countering Extremist Activity"

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Golobokov

Tags: Poland, Ukraine, Nazism, Politics, Interviews, Russia

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