Today: March 24 2019
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Polish and Ukrainian gas schizophrenia

Polish and Ukrainian gas schizophrenia

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There is every reason to recall the reconsideration of the meaning of words described by Orwell. This phenomenon is becoming more urgent, as it is increasingly destructive impact on society. Truth and love hide lies and hatred in themselves, military aggression at the other end of the world turns into the protection of one's own interests, carpet bombings become a humanitarian mission, the aggressor is taken in a ring, and who behaves badly and causes damage is right. Today we will talk about the latter.

Europe is mainly supplied with Russian gas. Once upon a time at a conference on energy security in Prague, the Russians responded to criticism about the "security of energy supplies" (this concept has since spread widely), surprisingly linking it with their own interests and "the safety of gas withdrawal."

What they were talking about was understood only by realists, who were interested in the practical side, but ideologists and all sorts of militant people were incensed. All they can - and what is their only goal - is the destabilization of regions of interest to them. About this at about the same time in his book "Next hundred years" wrote the famous American analyst George Friedman.

Silence for ideological reasons

At the Prague conference, the Russians referred to the increasingly unstable situation in Ukraine, which was then gutted by the "gas princess" Yulia Tymoshenko, although in words she was so fond of her country. (That Timoshenko is a thief who has squandered about a billion dollars, after many years, probably, all Ukrainians already understood, but at the same time pride does not allow them to admit that they once made mistakes and their opponents were right.)

Tymoshenko fits the joke, which was once invented by Rudolf Buttek in the prison and put it into the mouth of the self-proclaimed preacher John Baker: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a person committed to a transnational monopoly will tell you. I really sympathize with poor people and I want to help them, but I need to be rich in order to help them, I can be helped again by poor people whom I respect and love so much. "

The fact that Ukraine was stealing Russian transit gas was ignored for ideological reasons amid growing anti-Russian propaganda. Because of this, part of the Czech media made an incredible mistake, saying that Russia stopped exporting gas to Europe. But after all, Russia simply stopped using transit through the Ukrainian black hole, where from Europe there was still not much gas. As for the Yamal gas pipeline, which is laid through Poland, it worked at full capacity. In this regard, one must never forget how shamefully base Czech media played up to disgusting propaganda!

Unnecessary gas pipelines

External manifestations of some countries are suspiciously similar to their favorite sports. In the case of the USA, this is baseball: we will score the ball, and then we'll see. Example? Iraq, 2003 year! Then in Prague, a senior American official admitted that the post-war arrangement of Iraq began to be thought only after the beginning of the aggression. Russians, on the contrary, love chess, and they need to be kept at a greater distance from the enemy than a baseball bat. (So ​​they are so worried that the expanding NATO is attacking the Russian border.)

But back to gas. The Russians played a great game. The rival, although managed to revive the traditionally strong anti-Russian center (Poland, the Baltic States), with a flanking game, he completely failed. The Russians maneuvered on the royal and queenside flank, and now they finish the advance on both, leaving the center locked.

In other words, the transit of gas through Ukraine has come to an end, and if Ukraine does not come to its senses, the gas pipeline will not be maintained in working order, and this route (and with it so pleasant and easy revenues in the form of transit fees) will finally go into non-existence. The Yamal gas pipeline, which runs through Poland, will also be unnecessary. Prospects and consequences in his case are similar. The existing Nord Stream gas pipeline, which runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, will have a twin brother. Finally capricious Ukraine will be able to get around thanks to the southern "Turkish stream".

Increased security risks

Recently, the position of Poland and Ukraine is becoming increasingly anti-Russian, that is, they are playing their own game in their own interests. And they play hard. So, for example, Ukrainian politician Arseniy Yatsenyuk even frankly stated about the possibility to suspend or completely stop the supply of Russian gas to Europe, in order to put pressure on Russia. At the same time, Europe, which would have been short of supplies, would, according to Yatsenyuk, become a hostage.

However, the situation developed differently, and suddenly such conversations began that you do not believe your ears, because the mind refuses to accept something like that. The restriction or complete refusal to transit Russian gas through its territory Ukraine and Poland are associated with "increased risks to their security" and still have the audacity to make claims because of the loss of transit fees for gas. As if they have some right to them. They do not understand that there is nothing to talk about, especially as they themselves admit: with the loss of transit, they lose the instrument of pressure on Russia. Bad Russia takes away from Poland and Ukraine a club with which they want to beat it.

This point should be specially emphasized. Europe, so concerned about the security of energy supplies, was still dependent on two states, which, at the expense of European interests, wanted to reduce their own scores with Russia. She managed to slip tactically out of this trap. Now Russia wants to become a partner for Europe, whose reliability does not depend on the arbitrariness of the two transit countries. But the latter suddenly took up arms against Russia for allegedly using energy supplies for political purposes.


It's just insolence. I do not advise you to get used to this new political and media fashion - think about your own mental health. And for society it is dangerous, because such trends remind the most unsightly side of the policy of the normalization era. Such a thing can not be called worthy behavior: to want someone to be good, to something even privileged, but at the same time to slander, abuse, and threaten him in every possible way.

This manifestly ambiguous behavior of the state quickly takes root and begins to destructively affect even routine family relations. But do not justify yourself with some moral upheaval due to some "communism" with its "double morality". This is not to blame. We had 25 years for reconvalescence, that is, more time than the First Republic. The fact that we could not get out of this swamp is explained more by practical and internal reasons than by some ideology.

Jan Schneider (Jan Schneider, Česká Pozice, Czech Republic)
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