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Polish attack on a candidate Angela Merkel

The chairmanship of the European Council will remain for years 59-Polish politician, former Prime Minister of the country, Donald Tusk. During his re-election vote 27 28 from Heads of State and Government of the countries - members of the European Union during the EU summit.

The European Council is an institution involved in the definition of the main strategic directions of development of the European Union, as well as, in the case of violations of the democratic values ​​of the countries - members, has the ability to punish the temporary suspension of certain rights and privileges.

As it turned out, against Tusk's candidacy acted just one country - Poland.

Contrary to the theories of many experts, the main causes of the Polish "no" were neither personal hostility to the candidate by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the ruling party "Law and Justice", and the main person of Polish politics, nor fight for the rating in the Polish society, which is currently shared its into two almost equal camps - pro-government unified and fragmented opposition, which still can not cope with the task to find a leader who could challenge Kaczynski.
It was officially called for three reasons Polish 'no' candidacy Tusk.

First, the charge of interfering in the internal politics of Poland while working as head of the Council of Europe. Second, the prosecution in the protection of the interests of Berlin on the international scene instead of protecting the interests of Warsaw. Third, the Polish candidacy for the presidency of the European Council should nominate the Polish government, Tusk and Warsaw's recommendation is not received.

Still, the main and the real cause of the conflict lies much deeper. It deals with the strategic objectives of the European Union and the existence of the vital interests of the nation-state is increasingly not coincide with the desires of Brussels bureaucrats.

Vnutripolskaya almost a "civil" war for the most important post in the European administration is itself only at first glance, but in fact, we have witnessed the first attempt so-called mladoevropeytsev oppose surrogates Germany and undisputed German hegemony in the EU structures.

Polish attack on a candidate, Angela Merkel, as such, undoubtedly, is Donald Tusk, had become a symbol of protest against the open-door policy for refugees and migrants from Muslim countries against the declining level of transparency, justice and democracy in the European institutions, as well as against the growing pressure Brussels on governments that do not wish to obey the decisions of Berlin.

With each passing day increases the likelihood that Warsaw will pay penalties and reducing the flow of European subsidies for refusing to accept refugees and conflict over the reform of the Constitutional Court of Poland, which, in the opinion of the Venice Commission, violate the principles of separation of powers and the rule of law.

Despite the dissatisfaction of many EU countries, due to irresponsible immigration policy Merkel, Polish protest against its candidate for the presidency of the European Council nobody supported.

Suddenly, a helping hand is not stretched or Czech Republic or Lithuania or Slovakia, or even the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, who has more than once been subjected to harsh criticism and pressure from Brussels because of their illiberal policies. And despite the fact that Orban is not only an ally but also a personal friend of Kaczynski!

Many Poles still asking themselves - that made Budapest forget about the alliance and friendship with Poland and to submit to Berlin?

Since the answer to the Poles came to French President Francois Hollande, who are rude addressed to the Prime Minister of Poland with the words"You have a value, but we do have money."

Last year, the European Commission proposed to punish members of the European Union a fine of 250 thousand. Euros for each refugee, who had given aid and shelter.

This year, according to the report of the European Parliament on the reform of the policy on refugees, is proposed to introduce more stringent methods of dealing with resistance, mainly in Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. The main lever of influence should be the possibility of depriving a member country of the Euro-billion from EU structural funds.

Such a move by Brussels may lead to a significant reduction in the economic growth of countries in the so-called New Europe. It would not be surprising if, following the decline in growth forecasts come and other consequences, such as a decrease in credit ratings and painful growth of debt service in these countries.

In short, the rich countries of the European Union decided to create a bogeyman for the "younger brothers" from the east and the south, which will allow to resolve disputed issues are not a democratic way, but by pressure and direct threats.

With the German domination emanating from the principle of "pay - demand" does not agree the most influential Polish politician.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski:"The EU is today guided by a single country. Nothing to hide: that country is Germany ... I do not hide that we are disappointed with the position of Mr. Orban (prime minister of Hungary - Ed.), But we are aware, there was so much pressure and how much current goes through the EU, which leads to decay ".

Although Kaczynski added that the rumors about a possible exit offended Poland from the European Union are "nonsense", yet Brussels is facing a serious challenge that has the potential to become a catalyst for a new crisis.

"I said it would not accept the outcome document of the summit. I will not accept the conclusion and, therefore, the summit will not be valid. Despite this, currently chairman of the Tusk with 27 premieres continues to seek any other legal form to adopt the document. If 27 of Heads of State is unable to understand that it is impossible to make compromises due to violations of the norms, I am ready to fight for a compliance with the rules "- Emphasized the Prime Minister of Poland, Szydlow.

According to the Polish government, the outcome of the summit should be taken unanimously by all the participants, so Szydlow believes that it still remains possible to lock the victory of Donald Tusk.

Attempts to fight the Warsaw Berlin, Paris, as well as its allies - mainly in Madrid and Rome - Poles can bring a gift in the form of sanctions. In the worst-case scenario the main players can simply expel Poland from the European Union, which, of course, it seems incredible, but evroisteblishment have repeatedly proved their willingness to work towards the objectives in any way.

Option expelling Poland from the EU like most of its former president Lech Walesa, believes that the Polish government is violating democratic rules and constitution and must be severely punished.

The European Union is changing. Members donors are beginning to demand from members of the recipient to pursue a policy, favorable from the point of view of the rich and powerful. Requires more integration and more subordination, need to select the path towards a European federation that supports Donald Tusk and I never will consent not only Jaroslaw Kaczynski, but also millions of ordinary Europeans.

Although it seems that the stable position of the hard duo Merkel - Hollande is not in danger, the changes could come as early as this year due to the elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany. The government may be Eurosceptics supporting Kaczynski's desire to reform and decentralize the EU.

One thing is certain: 2017 year will be the most difficult in the history of the European Union - and perhaps even the last, if the conflict is on the line Berlin - Warsaw is not completed in the near future and if in power in France and the Netherlands will come Le Pen and Wilders. All of them are opposed to deep and close European integration, the proposed head of the European Council Donald Tusk and a major player in the European Union, Angela Merkel.

A source: LOOK

Author: Tomas Matseychuk journalist

Tags: Poland, EU Policy, the EU

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