Today: January 17 2019
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Tags: Ukraine, Poland, Nazism, History, Research, Vandalism, Riots

A series of scandals once again complicated the relations between Poland and Ukraine. This is what happens when radical nationalists running the show on both sides of the border - not always get their Russophobia unite or at least distract from each other. Apparently, this tension will increase, and sooner or later will result in a real tragedy.

Polish-Ukrainian relations have once again worsened - and the scandal once again featured the town of Przemysl (aka Przemysl), the nationality of the Lviv and other historical issues, decide that only one signing declarations Russophobian impossible. But rather than talk and negotiate (so it was solved seemingly insurmountable Anglo-French or Franco-German controversy) Ukrainians and Poles behave in exactly the opposite way.

Ten days ago, 17 January, the SBU banned the entry to Ukraine of the mayor of Przemysl, Robert Thomas. "There are many grounds for such a ban, this is all open information in the media in Poland and Ukraine. The decision to ban entry was taken when he took part in anti-Ukrainian events in Przemysl. It was not a one-time accident. We came to the conclusion that this man frankly and purposefully fomented inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic enmity and is purposefully working in this direction, and this harms bilateral relations between Ukraine and Poland, "UNIAN explained the head of the apparatus of the SBU chairman Alexander Tkachuk.

He waited - and without waiting for an official response Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the Polish authorities have moved to the response. Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Jan Dzedzichak threatened to start his country will cancel the Polish-Ukrainian Forum in Rzeszów - another border town, if the decision to ban the entry of the Mayor of Przemysl is canceled. A further possibility of more serious measures. "Without explaining this situation, without cancellation of this decision, we can not imagine further cooperation", - said Dzedzichak.

Incidentally, the name of the city. Ukrainian mass media and many Russian called Przemysl Przemysl and Rzeszow - Ryashevym. Indeed, the time of Kievan Rus these cities were called so, and in that short period of 1939-1941 years when Przemysl was part of the USSR, it was called too Przemysl.

But if you call these cities in their old Russian version, then you need not write Tallinn, Reval, not Tbilisi, Tiflis, not Vilnius and Vilnius - and so on.

It is significant that the post-Soviet countries regularly call on Russia to change the well-established name in accordance with local state language - to change the ultimatum "Kyrgyzstan", "chic" and Disputes "in" or "Ukraine" came "Belarus" - for some reason, some of the citizens of this country really angers Russian name of Belarus. Georgia has gone further by requiring third-country nationals, to be called Anglicisms "Georgia" and not Russism "Georgia".

But no one sees no problem in the fact that Ukraine is in its own calls Polish cities and Kaliningrad on the cards listed as Lithuanian Karalyauchus.

Moreover, in Germany, in spite of all denazification, it is still valid (with a few changes, the law 1938) the priority of the German historical names when naming the current Polish, Czech, French, and Russian cities.

In Russia, such a law no. Modern Polish name and Ryasheva Przemysl - Przemysl and Rzeszow, and for consistency, should probably call them in accordance with the language of the country whose flag many decades, flying over the town hall of a city. Either at the same time to return to the use of Revel and Tiflis, and along Gelsinfors.

The scandal with the mayor of the border town of ad persona non grata - not only in the last few days. According to Ukrainian edition of the "Reporter" in Rzeszów Ukrainian students were beaten. According to the publication, the victims in unspecified amount back to the hostel. On the way, they were stopped by five young men and asked the students where they are. Hearing the answer, the man asked, who belongs to Lviv - Ukraine or Poland. Hearing the answer "Lviv", the Poles called Bandera students and beat them.

In addition, the Polish owners refuse to allow Ukrainians to the apartment, and for the embroidery on the streets of Warsaw is also available in the face, said "Correspondent".

As with live modern Ukraine is able to fight pretty bad, and the dead -gorazdo better as "otvetku" unknowns desecrated the Polish military cemetery in the village near Kiev Bykovnya. On the monuments written in oil paint "SS Galicia" and OUN * * -UPA and damaged scrap input.

Polish Embassy in Kiev, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the required to clarify the circumstances and disclosure of the identity of those who destroyed the cemetery in Bykovnya, the press-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland Joanna Wajda.

On this note to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said: "In Ukraine strongly condemns the act of vandalism on the Ukrainian and Polish parts of the National Historical Memorial Preserve" Bykivnia grave. " Ukrainian law enforcement agencies take immediate steps to investigate this shameful act and bring the perpetrators to justice. We are convinced that the joint efforts of Ukraine and Poland will not allow any attempts to harm the Ukrainian-Polish friendship, which is based on a common history and European values. "

There are other scandals. But it's time to generalize from: the problem lies in the fact that the total Ukrainian-Polish history and modern European values ​​flatly contradict each other. General History - a war and Volyn Massacre. And European values ​​- a rejection of revenge, and the inherent Warsaw and Kiev, and regionalization, which in Ukraine are afraid more than "Buryat tankers."

As we have noted, the only unifying modern Ukraine and Poland advanced factor is Russophobia. Other reasons for the friendship they have.

Ukrainian migrant workers for more than one million in Poland, and their number continues to grow steadily despite the preservation of the visa regime, as Ukraine continues to get poorer. This fueled nationalism on both sides of the border, so that the "shameful acts" will be more and more, as well as the harsh statements and persona non grata. Of course, the central government will continue to talk about "European values", but at the regional level, there is no "friendship" does not and can not - too much separates those who believe Bandera terrorist and those who consider him a hero.

And the longer this problem will be ignored and hushed up, so to a more serious incident on a national basis it sooner or later.

Anton Krylov
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