Today: January 16 2019
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A. Ptitsyn: Tomatoes over the precipice

A. Ptitsyn: Tomatoes over the precipice

Tags: Opinion Erdogan, Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Syria, Terrorism, Action

The conscientious Turkish prosecutor demands lifelong terms for constructive criticism of Recep Erdogan (Vruniška). Now the taxiing of Turkey Rejep will have to stand up, since it is not very convenient to sit on bayonets. Officials from several countries publicly caught Erdogan in trading oil and weapons with IGIL (a terrorist organization allowed in Turkey). They caught it, possibly with documentary evidence. I also think that since our American friends wrote telephone talks to Merkel, Erdogan was also written for sure. Erdogan began to kick and expose the conditions of the Empire of Good, perhaps you should expect a couple of harmless sinks.

Between the parties mutually beneficial, just a five-year trade and looting of Syria's growing distrust, frequent breakdowns of transactions and primitive fraud. This situation pulls a chain of painful terrorist attacks in Turkey. Increasingly commanders moderate terrorists flee to Europe, taking their monthly salary warriors of Light and from there to sneer at them by SMS.

Aleppo in the pot, probably armed opposition offered him to leave, possibly with personal weapons and with their families, for the successful resistance to Assad's forces are no material prerequisites. There is nothing to resist. Syrian troops today to the level of superior terarmiyu on arms, ammunition, supplies and gear.

Pergovory in Geneva to commit winning negotiating position for terarmii and even stop the collapse of the front, but the armed opposition harnessed too long. Gesheft jihad cut in half, no fuel, no ammunition, sleeping in the snow wishing either. Reminds April 1945.

The possible aggression of Turkey to break through the corridor to Aleppo and create buffers on the border has no strategic meaning, even if this military operation will be ideal for the Turks. A convenient time to attack Syria has long been missed, and he was. It was necessary to attack Syria when Damascus was hanging by a thread and do it under the guise of bringing order and fighting terrorism. And today it will look like this: the terrorists themselves can not cope and they are harnessed by their real sponsors. Such a turn will affect the elections in America, the situation in NATO and Europe, and we can not rule out the rout yet on the march. Turkey is getting into a fight without having its own air defense and this is extremely short-sighted.

Dear Erdogan leads Turkey to disintegration at once on several positions: both military and political and economic and ethnic. When I write Dear Erdogan, I think he is dear to the Turkish business and taxpayers: the break with Russia costs Turkey today 2 billion a month, then the bubble of Turkish real estate will burst, the factories that worked for Russia will begin to close, the banks will start withdrawing their loans and cease to issue loans, it will already cost 3 billion a month for the Turkish economy and then the sleighs will already roll down the hill themselves. And then on the wave of popular indignation IGIL will come to power with the Turkish Muslim Brothers and everyone will be happy.

Another bad news for Turkey: expires Moscow Treaty of Kars on the transfer of the territory of Armenia to Turkey in March 15 2016 years. Again to renew this agreement the Kremlin will not, Turkey will have to pay for the genocide of the Armenians and other nationalities and to return the territories under the jurisdiction of Armenia. Turkey is in a very deep crisis, on the verge of disintegration and division, although yesterday the envy of all flourished.

As Erdogan is going to solve all the internal and external contradictions of starting war with Syria and occupying Iraq, thus not having its own defense? Erdogan Hitler after the Kursk Bulge, still full of strength, but the outcome is already clear.

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