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They are lighter than fluff and less noticeable than a weak breeze. For a day there are so many, and they are so diverse that it is hardly possible to track them all and to give themselves an account of their quality. We are talking about thoughts.

They have all, and they are not only diverse. At times they are also ugly. And they are empty, or unexpected, or phantasmagoric. Who will catch them with a net like a butterfly? Who counts them, like grains of sand?

But is it worth paying attention to them at all, or can you give up on this mental moth, this dust, bored on a wet rag?

Well, a wet rag is really needed, but you just can not brush it off from that dangerous little fry.

In his First Synodal Epistle, the Apostle Peter reminds Christians of their former life, of that moral filth that they rejected with disgust:

"Enough," he says, "that you in the last time of your life acted according to the will of the heathen, indulging in uncleanness, lust (sodomy, bestiality, thought), drunkenness, excess in food and drink, and ridiculous idolatry; so they (former comrades of sin - a comment of AT) and marvel that you do not participate with them in the same debauchery, and speak evil of you "(1 Pet 4: 3-4)

The apostle's thoughts stand in the immediate neighborhood with such obvious nastiness as sodomy and bestiality

It is very important and no less surprising that in the list of lusts of the apostle, thoughts lie in the immediate neighborhood with such obvious nastiness as sodomy and bestiality. If we were to compile lists of sins and their classification, we would never have placed ephemeral (seemingly) thoughts next to blatant carnal sins. Obviously, we do not fully understand some important in importance things.

Here is Cain. Before rebelling against his younger brother and killing him, the first-born of Adam and Eve was tormented by an unceasing thought. Clear signs of this internal struggle, which Cain lost, are described in detail.

"Cain was very upset, and his face fell. And the Lord God said to Cain, "Why are you upset?" And why is thy countenance fallen? If you do good, will you raise your face? And if you do not do good, then at the door sin lies; he draws you to himself, but you dominate him "(Gen. 4: 5-7).

"At the door sin lies, it draws you to itself", - here it is, an insistent, persistent thought, depriving the person of rest day and night. This is still only a thought, but it is already a sin lying on the threshold. A person has the power to fight it (it is said: "dominate"). If it wins, not you, then the obvious sin, in space and time, will happen with frightening inexorability.

A hardened sinner, in fact, this is the person who was defeated by an unceasing thought. She attracted attention, crawled over the threshold, climbed into the heart and did not want to leave. So, a pathological jealous man, a sex maniac, an insatiable thief, a person who is eternally unhappy with life, complaining and jealous, and so on are people who are defeated in an invisible struggle. And in this fight and no wonder to lose, because the lion's share of people do not even suspect that such a struggle exists.

Biblical revelation before King David says little about the inner world of man, including the thoughts of the heart. It can be seen that man was incapable of such a turn of sight inside himself and attention to thoughts. Starting with David and his Psalter, the conversation about the mystery of the heart began to sound, and it is hardly possible to stop it.

Sin is preceded by thought

Sin is preceded by thought, and permanent sinful behavior is preceded by the creation within the person of a whole mental system of sin, which is complex, like blood circulation. By this revelation we owe the son of Jesse and Solomon's father. Before him, the Holy Spirit had no one to talk about subjects so subtle. Here are examples from the psalms.

In his vengeance the wicked neglects the Lord: "He will not require"; in all his thoughts: "There is no God!" This is from the psalm of 9. In the same place: he says in his heart: "I will not be moved; in kind and kind, evil will not happen to me. "And yet: he grabs the poor, dragging him in his net; He bends, he lies down, - and the poor fall into strong claws; says in his heart: "God has forgotten, he hid his face, he will never see." That is, to peel the neighbor, like a stick, to eat it alive, to substitute, to remove from the light, you must first say inside yourself: there is no God! And if there is, He does not see, forgot, closed his face and so on. The villain needs a mental foundation of activity. And if it is necessary, then it is inevitable.

All these words-thoughts are spoken inside the heart. This is the thought of the damned daughter of Babylon: she says in her heart: "I sit a queen, I'm not a widow and will not see sorrow!" And here is what will be her for this entrenched way of thinking: "For one day, her death will come upon her and weeping and famine, and it shall be burned with fire, for the Lord God is strong that judges it "(Rev. 18: 7-8).

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." They have become corrupt, they have done evil deeds; there is no one who does good "(Psalm 13: 1). These are the words of the insane with the inexorable practical conclusion of them in the form of vile deeds and corruption. Scripture, as we see, leaves no maneuver for secular humanism or godless kindness. It's pretty strict. Many believers are frightened by this severity of the All-Good God. To be frightened is from what. And if we ourselves invented God, and He did not reveal Himself, then we would invent Him as a model of tolerance. The real severity of the Scriptures confuses us with crafty maps.

However, this is not stricter than the fire that flows on Sodom. And this is not stricter than the waters that flood everyone except those sitting in the ark. And after all, both Sodom and humanity under Noah had, it is necessary to pave, their strong mental constructions. Rather, they seemed strong, until water came to one, and others did not cover the fire.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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