Today: December 11 2018
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After secret negotiations, pro-American Syrian Kurds, behind the back of the US, transfer the key gas field to the Russians

After secret negotiations, pro-American Syrian Kurds, behind the back of the US, transfer the key gas field to the Russians

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Pro-American Syrian Kurds took an unprecedented step, if not to say, the "knight's move," which surprised many, but especially watched the slaughter in the province of Deir Ez-Zor.

As it turned out, Kurdish leaders supported by the US Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), behind their backers, conducted unprecedented, secret, direct negotiations with high-ranking Russian representatives in Kamyshli in northeast Syria. As reported by almasdarnews portal, as a result of the talks on Thursday they may have transferred one of the largest gas fields of Syria to the Russian side.

The Konoko gas plant (locally called El Tabaya) lies on the eastern shore of the Euphrates outside the city of Deir ez-Zor. He was recently released from IGIL. The Konoko gas field was under the control of IGIL from 2014, and was taken under control by the SDF forces 23 September. The Syrian army and the Russian "advisers" are on the west bank of the Euphrates.

view from above: Konoko / Tabiya plant.

The latest video from the deposit:

The gas field is capable of giving 13 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. It is named after an American company that first discovered gas reserves and built a processing plant in place, however, ConocoPhillips does not currently have an association with it.

The article of the almasdarnews portal notes that information about the secret agreement between Russia and the US-backed Syrian democratic forces, according to which the Syrian government will be allowed to take control of the gas field, is being distributed by the Syrian military ...

It should be noted that on Wednesday the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia visited the self-proclaimed Kurdish Autonomous Region of Rozhava, it was reported that he met with Kurdish and Syrian leaders in the northern city of Kamishli.

"The head of the Syrian security service Ali Memlyuk, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov and leader of the RPK Karayilan met in Kamyshli / Syria," the report said.

It was reported that several issues were discussed:

- Будущее YPG (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) Отряды народной самообороны

- The future of American bases in the locations of YPG

- Political solution of the Kurdish issue in Syria.

It is likely that the transfer of gas Conoco on Thursday was the result of this historic, but informal meeting.

Despite the fact that almasdarnews writes about the secret agreement as something implicit and just possible, apparently, it still had a place to be. At least on Twitter, many post tweets about this. Tweeting about it appeared in the account of the columnist of the influential American newspaper "New York Times" Hassan Hassan:

"It is reported that Russian troops controlled the Conoco gas plan east of the Euphrates (presumably the SDF / US influence)

- Top Syrian intelligence, along with Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, met with an official of the PKK in Kamyshli

"US policy is paralyzed in Iraq and Syria," he wrote.

Между тем стремительные события в регионе продолжают указывать на окончательную полную сирийско-российскую военную победу и, разумеется, российскую стратегическую геополитическую победу. Если курды действительно готовы совершать отдельные сделки с Россией то, судя по всему, выход США из Сирии может быть значительно ускорен....)))

Instead of help:

The main known person in charge of transferring the field to Russian control:

Bogdanov Mikhail Leonidovich - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Honored Worker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Speaks Arabic and English.

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