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20.03.2017 - 16: 12

There is a new virus attacking ATMs

the virus appeared in Russia, the attacking ATMs, without any physical contact; virus configures the ATM system for the issuance of all the major denominations anyone to get a certain code, Russian media reported.

A new non-contact method of theft of cash from ATMs GUBZI said the deputy head of the Central Bank of Artyom Sychev. He said that before, when we talked about skimming, it was always that the fraudster installs something on the ATM, but now technology has become a plunder, says "Kommersant".

Sychev said that information about the problem and possibilities for confronting it brought to market participants.

The publication notes that the virus in ATMs on the territory of Russia is seen for the first time. It does not have the body of the file, so you do not see the anti-virus software and it can live in infected ATM indefinitely.

With the introduction of the specified code with the virus can steal all the cash from the first tape dispenser ATM, which holds the largest denominations - nominal value or 1 5 thousand rubles, total 40 bills... Average person to pick up the code will be difficult, because it is too long trying to cause suspicion of the security services of the bank.

Experts have not yet found a simple and effective way to fight the new virus, so the bankers is to prevent infection of ATMs.

As the head of development of self-service systems at Alfa Bank, Maxim Dareshin to protect themselves from such intrusion, banks should strengthen the protection of the external circuit, and the ATM network.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: Russia, ATMs, fraud