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Mature tourist drowned in Cyprus

Mature tourist drowned in Cyprus

Tags:Cyprus, Incidents, Paphos, The Sea, Death

69-year-old tourist drowned while swimming in the sea on the city beach of Paphos. The tragedy happened on Wednesday evening. The woman was not alone on the beach, she was noticed and tried to help her, but all attempts to bring her back to life were in vain.

According to the police, in 17: 45 attention of road policemen patrolling the area of ​​the city beach attracted one of the holidaymakers. The man said that a woman is drowning in the sea and she needs urgent help.

Police officers swam to the sinking and brought the woman's insensible body ashore, and then drove her to the Central Hospital of Paphos.

The doctors sent the woman to the intensive care unit, but despite all her efforts, the patient died. The nature of the tourist and the country of her permanent residence are not reported. It is known only that the woman came to Cyprus on vacation 2 October.

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