Today: December 11 2018
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The Government of Cyprus is occupied by "low profile" in the settlement

The Government of Cyprus is occupied by "low profile" in the settlement

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The Cyprus government has called for "moderation" in the comments on the Cyprus settlement. The call came in touch with the latest negotiations with the Turkish side, the U.S. government.

Nikos Anastasiadis yesterday chaired a meeting of the National Council, which informed the participants of the two meetings of representatives of the parties in the peace process in this month, as well as their simultaneous visits Athens and Ankara.

Asked about the reasons for what is currently the Turkish Cypriots claim negotiations even more than the Greek Cypriots, a government Stylianides Christ said that the Republic of Cyprus will not hold public negotiations, because it is not in the national interest.

Nikos Anastasiadis also informed the Council that during a telephone conversation with Joe Biden, he asked the U.S. vice-president to control Turkey, so that the latter does not interfere with exploration in the EEZ of Cyprus.

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