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The Government of Cyprus presented new ombudsvumen

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades submitted to the Government a new ombudsvumen Mariyu Stilianu-Lottidis that 20 April officially took office. The ceremony of bringing it to a swearing in took place this morning at the Presidential Palace.

The President said that he sees in Lottidis partner and looks forward to her cooperation with all the ministers. He hoped the cooperation Marii Stilianu-Lottidis with all ministries and promised that her advice and guidance will always be taken into account by the executive authorities, especially when the issues of justice and the restoration of the rule of law and justice. "

Lottidis, in turn, assured the President that he would do everything possible to succeed in this task.

Maria Stylianou-Lottidis - the public prosecutor, it will replace Eliza Savvidi, whose term expired last month.

A source: VC

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