Today: January 18 2019
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Law enforcement officers of Cyprus found weapons and explosives

Law enforcement officers of Cyprus found weapons and explosives

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Law enforcement officers discovered a large stock of weapons in Limassol, including an assault rifle and a large number of plastic explosives.

Almost a week the police of Cyprus are investigating a daring crime - a shootout that happened in Limassol on Saturday. Recall that as a result of the shooting, one of the local officers was seriously injured. Today, 10 May, in the process of pre-trial actions, the AK 47, 100 grams of Semtex explosives, six detonators and 77 cartridges were discovered, the Cyprus Mail reported citing official police officials.

The weapon was found just on the street north of Limassol towards the highway towards Paphos, near Kolossi.

Prior to this, on Tuesday, 8 May, the police detained an 38-year-old man, allegedly involved in the Saturday shootout. On his tip, the police also found Ak 47, 7,5 kilograms of Semtex and detonators for the grenade.

Natalia Kudlay
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